Hey hey hey..
Am leaving madrid, and heading back to NYC.. and as flats there are TINY.. Gotta sell most stuff.

Call me 91 724 3849 or 669 642 427 if anyone is interested! (am leaving mid march 2005)



Black Leather Sofa -- 750

2 LazyBoy reclining chairs -- 250 each

Dining Room Glass table, 8 chairs -- 225

Philips DVD player and surround sound 150

Patio/Terrace furniture (benches, chairs, tables, plant shelf) 100/all

Double bed (mattress, frame) 150
Corner Computer Desk: 40
Blender, Sandwich Maker, Toaster, Etc, each 15

And if anyone needs guitars, amps, etc..

Jackson Dinky Reverse Stock Electric Guitar 300

Dean Playmate 4-string Bass Guitar 100

MosValve 300W Guitar Amp w/tube overdrive 150