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#72290 - 12/21/02 05:19 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
pim Offline

Registered: 11/07/01
Posts: 662
Loc: Brussels
OK, that time of the year has arrived and I'm off to Zaragoza to spend some days basically eating, drinking and visiting relatives; however it turns out I'm coming back sometime before New Years Eve to spend it with my boyfriend (it'll be the third time I spend New Years in Madrid ever!). By the looks of it, is it impossible to join you guys in the event that I'm here the 28th? (I'm sorry I haven't been able to "apply" before since I had no idea where I'd be those days until now)

Well, whatever happens....HAPPY HOLIDAYS "MADRIDMANERS"!!!, ¡Feliz Navidad! laugh laugh laugh

Lots of love,

#72291 - 12/23/02 03:47 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
carmendeespana Offline

Registered: 11/19/02
Posts: 93
Loc: Madrid
Official list of attenders cool :

  • Carmendeespana (3)
  • Val (4)
  • Pablete(1)
  • Joe Sambuca(1)
  • Anna Polka(2)
  • Melinda323(1)
  • Espe3(2)
  • Keely(1)
  • Sexismo(1)
  • druship (3+1)
  • Castiza(1)
  • Antonio(1)
  • AmbassadorTex (2)

So far, we are = 23 (+1)
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#72292 - 12/23/02 05:52 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Antonio Offline

Executive Member

Registered: 05/07/00
Posts: 1176
Loc: Madrid (Spain)
Here is the secret place you were all dying to know about cool

Amor de Dios, 12
Subway station: Antón Martín

It's located in the Huertas area very close to the subway exit marked with "Amor de Dios" street. The dinner will be a bit early for Spanish standards but I've arranged it that way so people with children can attend as they wanted. Meeting time is at 20:15. Please, try to be punctual.

The menu will be the one I posted before. The starters are shared and the second course can be choosen from the list as weel as the dessert. I suggest sangría.

The price per person is 16 euros. I've tried this menu last month and it was very good. Hope you enjoyed. See you on Saturday.

Merry Christmas!!

PS: As for the children, they don't have any special menu but they can prepare something for them (such as spaguetti, fried potatoes with chicken or something like that).

If you want to come a little bit earlier, we can talk with the waiter so they can prepare it in advance (note that they don't open before 20:00).


Update: I've been heavily editing the thread so it was easier to read (from 70 to 52 posts). I may even delete more post unless people get angry with that. I thought it would be easier for people who are reading it for the first time. After all, the only aim of the thread is to organise the dinner.
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#72293 - 12/24/02 02:19 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Candela Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 27
Loc: MADRID!!!!!
Okay, now I am dying that I am not there! I know that restaurant very well. Hope you can try the berejenas (oh, i mean eggplant and can't spell today!) they prepare them perfectly.

Ah well, next year! Meanwhile I wish each and everyone of you fabulous MM'ers an amazing Christmas, a magical dia de los reyes, and a truly prosperous and joy-filled New Year!

(who'll be in Madrid in less than 14 days and can't think of a nicer holiday peresnt ever!)

#72294 - 12/24/02 02:25 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
wilnogirl Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/19/02
Posts: 16
hola & dzien dobry: in response to Anna from Poland...dont know if you are the only one from Poland but I am the only one from the oldest Polish settlement in Canada...Wilno, Ontario. (dont speak any Polish except hello and goodbye etc) . Lovely as our little snow covered Canadian village is...we have an inn here...I unfortunately would rather be celebrating Christmas in Madrid. Felix Navidad everyone.

#72295 - 12/25/02 02:34 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Polka Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/29/02
Posts: 5
Loc: Warsaw, Poland
Dzien Dobry! Merry Christmas to you, Wilnogirl, to Carmen, who is so patiently organizing the party, and to all Madrid and Spain fans. Hope everyone is having a good happy time with their family and friends. I am, but can’t wait till Saturday. It’s going to be so different from being in snowy Poland... See you there- Anna
Anna Szemraj

#72296 - 12/25/02 06:34 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
druship Offline

Registered: 03/04/01
Posts: 52
Loc: Chicago, IL
Hola todos. I can't wait for tomorrow to arrive so that I can't get on the plane to Barajas! Anyway, since the dinner time is earlier than I had thought, we will most likely be 4 (well, 3 1/2: mother and 2-year-old) instead of just 2. I hope it's not a problem, but if so, please post here or email me and we will make other arrangements. Thanks!

#72297 - 12/26/02 08:29 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
MadridMan Offline

Executive Member

Registered: 05/06/00
Posts: 9080
Loc: Madrid, Spain (was Columbus, O...
Tick... tock... tick... tock... We're almost there!! Can't wait to hear all about it on Sunday. Have fun everyone!! Wish I was there.

Enjoy!!!! Saludos, MadridMan
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#72298 - 12/27/02 06:50 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Melinda328 Offline

Registered: 12/08/02
Posts: 78
Loc: Madrid
Hey... I can´t wait for tomorrow... I hope I get there in time! I´ve had a hell of a day... i was getting ready to leave Vigo for madrid to go to Sevilla to eventually end up in Granada (I´m in Sevilla right now) when I get a text message from my friend that i´m staying with in Madrid that she´s in BILBAO to see a concert. ARGH. So my galician friends were scrambling to find me a place to stay tomorrow night... Got a big list of places to call and I´m going to start as soon as I sign out of here... wish me luck.

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#72299 - 12/28/02 06:08 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
JoeSambuca Offline

Registered: 10/28/00
Posts: 308
Loc: New York City
I here in good ole madrid but air france decided to leave my luggage in paris ugghh! mad

But they say i´ll have it by 8ish rolleyes

well, i may be dressed in a jogging suite but i´ll be there.

freaking !X#fff

i´m okay now that I cursed my freaking brains out

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