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#72300 - 12/28/02 04:28 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
MadridMan Offline

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... IT'S GOING ON NOWWWWW!! And here I am in snowy Ohio when I would MUCH prefer to be meeting and greeting other message board members in Madrid!! Tick tock.. tick tock... A few more hours and we'll be hearing about the first details of the party. Can't wait!!!

Saludos, MadridMan
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#72301 - 12/29/02 05:23 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Pablete Offline

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What a meeting!, Antonio, thanks very much!!!!. The restaurnat was fantastic, incredible value.
Carmendeespana, where are you???. You've missed it! don't know why, you'll tell.
Some of us went to Huertas and have a lot of fun drinking tequilas!
I had a great time, hope to repeat soon
Can't wait

#72302 - 12/29/02 08:41 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
pim Offline

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OK boys and girls, so how did it go last night???
I came home from Zaragoza yesterday afternoon to find out whether it was still possible to attend or not, but I was uncertain and so decided to not even try at the last minute (which was weird considering I live so close to cl Amor de Dios), besides, I was afraid of Antonio's 'inocentadas'! wink :p ,(just kidding, he, he!)
Now I can't wait to read the details laugh , and I truly hope we get to see some pics posted soon (unlike last time, uh, JoeSambuca?). BTW, Richie, I'M SO SORRY about your lost luggage!, I bet somebody has made a little trip to El Corte Ingles to do some "survival shopping". How come your great buddies didn't come this time?

#72303 - 12/30/02 03:34 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
carmendeespana Offline

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Hi everybody,

I apologize for not having gone. I sincerely hope you had a lot of fun.

The reason why I didnīt go is that my grandma passed away on the 27th, and we buried her on the 28th. I was at my momīs house, you know, being with her in these difficult times. Itīs particularly difficult in Christmas times where all the family is supposed to be together; also because it was very unexpected. She entered the hospital the night of the 24th and doctors couldnīt do anything for her.

I am truly sorry for not being there. I was very excited about this meeting and I hope there is another opportunity for meeting all of you.

Life is not fair, it is only fairer than death
William Golding

#72304 - 12/30/02 03:59 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Pablete Offline

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Carmen, I'm so sorry...
Lo siento de veras
Un abrazo

#72305 - 12/30/02 05:27 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Val Offline
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Hi Everyone!

Back at the office today, then off until the 9th!!! I love the Spanish vacation policies.

Anyway, Susana, I am truly sorry about your Grandma and I know how it feels as I lost my Grandpa (age 100 and the last of my Grandparents alive) this summer. frown

The dinner was excellent with great food and lots of it! My sister, and husband and Sam also had a great time. Sam ate up his swordfish, although he really ordered it expecting to see the sword! laugh

Hope all those visiting Spain are enjoying the rest of their vacations here and that we will meet again sometime soon!

Happy new year to all cool ,


P.S. Pim, sorry we missed you! There were a few no-shows and extra room at the table.

#72306 - 12/30/02 08:19 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
JoeSambuca Offline

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Loc: New York City
This meeting was really fun and the people were just amazing as usual. Miguel and are just party animals.

Now I can't wait to read the details , and I truly hope we get to see some pics posted soon (unlike last time, uh, JoeSambuca?).
Pim we missed you. Will you ever forgive me for forgetting the camera? wink Then again IWA may show up 10 hours late.
My luggage finally arrived on sunday. A man on the street gave me a euro because I was dressed in the same cloths since Friday. My friends just donīt love Madrid the way I do.

#72307 - 12/30/02 09:33 AM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Pablete Offline

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Richard, we have to talk. There were some "pivate" details that I would like to comment...
Send me an email to
See you

#72308 - 01/01/03 01:32 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Castiza Offline

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siento mucho lo de tu abuela.
Un abrazo

#72309 - 01/02/03 03:13 PM Re: Madrid Christmas gathering?
Espe3 Offline

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Hola everybody! Susana, so sorry about your Abuela.
Everyone else, Iīm sorry I didnīt go, I caught a nasty cold and my Tia Abuela, Aunt, and sister all kept me inside frown At least this was I didnīt share the nasty bug with any of you!
In any event, I hope to get to go the next one!
Happy New Year to you all! May this year bring everyone health, happiness and what you most wish for!

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