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#71432 - 05/04/02 08:20 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
Jo-Anne Offline
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Loc: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Eng...
Glad you've had a great time. What a lot of you!


We've had an 'iteresting' time in the new chat room . Michelle and I are getting genned up on the tricks from Agomor! rolleyes rolleyes

Checked out the jamas yet Wyndy??? eek eek

Speak to you all soon.


#71433 - 05/05/02 12:11 AM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
pim Offline

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Loc: Brussels
Hey folks,

It's about 6:00AM here in Madrid and I've just come back from the little 'reunión'. laugh
Chica, I wished you had stayed a little longer, you would have "checked out" Barry & Pablo's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G apartment right in Pza. Sta. Ana (I saw one bathroom which size is almost half the size of my living-room!). Anyway, I really want to thank them, they've been such gracious hosts allowing us to talk for hours many beers? I've loved meeting them!
Wendy, it's been also grrreat meeting you and I hope to see you again before you have to leave on Wednesday.
And Andrew, great to meet you....again!

I think I better go get some sleep now!


P.S.: LiM, I hear there may be some (great) news next time you log in to this our beloved forum laugh

#71434 - 05/05/02 07:40 AM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
Asterault Offline

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I am SORRY. My train took FOREVER as they kept on stopping in the mountains with some problems. The renfe bocadillo made me a bit ill. Then the metro ticket machine in Chamartin ate my bank card and I had to force them to call the ´keymaster´ or whatever to open the thing up (by the way, the security code for Madrid metro machines, if you open one, is ´1234´ rolleyes ), and then there was a problem in the metro because a train sprayed oil on the anden... anyway when I got to the hostal I just fell asleep right away... si un poco soso ya lo se.

#71435 - 05/05/02 11:48 AM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
dargus Offline

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Loc: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Wish I was there last night as I look out the window and see snow AGAIN this morning. I've only just started to accept that I'm not in Spain and planning to got to Toledo tomorrow as was planned. Ouch! It's great to hear the get together was a blast. Until next time...

#71436 - 05/05/02 12:47 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
Chica Offline
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We missed you Dargus!!

#71437 - 05/05/02 04:55 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
wyndyl Offline

Registered: 03/08/02
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Loc: Dallas, Texas
Thanks everyone, laugh I had an AWESOME time! Everyone was so warm and gracious and FUN! I´ll have to do a full write up of everything when I get back home.

As for pictures, I have some, not too many, rolleyes I was too busy keeping up with the conversations...

I loved meeting all of you! And for those of you who missed it, we will DEFINITELY do this again.

Talk to you all soon...
wyndyl wink

The pictures at this link:

#71438 - 05/06/02 05:06 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
Nativo Offline

Registered: 02/17/01
Posts: 332
Loc: Madrid
AAAGH, I missed the gathering. I really hate it. Working and me mata. Next time I'll be there. I agree on Barrys & Pablo's hospitality...they are great. By the way, Pim don't you think that Barry has an "alucinante" mastery of spanish?.
Aster, are you moving to town?

#71439 - 05/06/02 05:31 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
pim Offline

Registered: 11/07/01
Posts: 662
Loc: Brussels
Yes Nativo, I agree. I on the contrary, felt really really "clumsy" whenever I spoke the other night, because I had just spent a whole week glued to my two and a half-year-old half British niece, speaking childish Spanglish, or just plain made up baby-talk.

I hope you've gotten my msg and we get to talk before you go. Have you been able to check out those famous 'jamas yet???

#71440 - 05/06/02 07:22 PM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
camellia Offline
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Loc: Mobile, AL
We had a great time meeting you guys! My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer, and that we couldn't join you again later. (Our dinner ran late and we had to catch an early flight the next morning. frown ) Even in that short time, I think Ignacio convinced us that our next trip must be to the north of Spain. And you also AT LAST got my husband to try sangria (instead of his usual cerveza), even if it was on his last night in Spain!

Good job, wyndyl.

#71441 - 05/07/02 09:22 AM Re: Madrid: Post MM get together?!!
barry Offline

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Loc: sóller, mallorca, spain
Well, I had a great time too, I think. It's all a bit blurred. Too much Mahou. Windy, get in touch if you're still around a want to go for a drink. I was quite hung over when you rang on Sunday, and didn't really sober up until about 9pm, thanks to a Bloody Mary. Hope to catch you before you run away. The rest of you should keep in touch too. See you all soon.
PS Jo Anne, I just got your email here at work, but can't seem to access my Terra account, so I'll be in touch when I get home.

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