I will be taking off for Spain on August 19th and will be in Ibiza from the
23rd - 27th. I was going to go with my best friend but unfortunately he had an
accident :-( (he's OK, but has some casts) and won't be able to go anymore. I'm just glad he's ok.

Anyway, I had prebooked a hotel room in Ibiza at the Rocamar Hotel:


.... and need a roomate to share the rates. It was very difficult finding a place there (high season) and prices are a little high (19, 250 ptas - about
$ 95.00 US / night / double) but I'm just glad that I found a place to stay.

If you're having trouble finding accommodations and want to stay at a nice place, drop me a line (before the 19th). Anyone welcomed, and if there's two of you, even better and I can just ask for an extra bed.

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