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#70409 - 05/30/01 12:45 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Antonio Offline

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Registered: 05/07/00
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Loc: Madrid (Spain)
Everybody seemed to forget that I am living in Madrid too (see where I am at the bottom of this post). frown

Fortunately, roses was kind enough to send me a private message to invite me smile (thanks, roses).

But now, I was wondering... did someone tell missmadrid about it?. She is supposed to be living in San Lorenzo del Escorial.

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#70410 - 05/30/01 02:22 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Jo-Anne Offline
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Although I wont be there :(, I did e-mail MissMadrid a few weeks ago to make sure she knew. Or did I just tag it onto a topic she started? Either way, she will have had an e-mail telling her it was on, or an e-mail telling her that someone had replied to her topic. laugh

It would be great to see some photos posted here so that we can all see what everyone looked like and what they got up to that evening. eek eek


#70411 - 05/30/01 08:08 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
sheba Offline

Registered: 08/20/00
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Loc: Minneapolis, MN USA
druship--if you figure out how to transfer your digital camera photos to a public computer, let me know. in fact, if you know how to keep photos you have taken on your digital camera somewhere else, let me know. (i think i have space for only 30 on mine). and remember, i'm mostly math/technology illiterate. thank you. smile

#70412 - 05/31/01 06:14 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Asterault Offline

Registered: 01/22/01
Posts: 560
Loc: Gijón
Count me in as a 'tal vez', I don't know if I will be in Madrid by then or not.

#70413 - 05/31/01 06:18 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
nevado Offline

Registered: 06/11/00
Posts: 620
Roses, put me down for a definite maybe! Sounds like you've got quite a group going- good job on the planning! smile

#70414 - 05/31/01 02:29 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
papi Offline

Registered: 05/16/01
Posts: 59
Loc: LONDRES!!!!
i have a digi cam toooo...
it takes up 2 90shots on one chip :p

#70415 - 05/31/01 08:36 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Majesty318 Offline

Registered: 12/16/00
Posts: 266
Loc: New Jersey, USA
Well, I can't make it to the NYC dinner group but I might be able to attend this one. If so I will have a friend with me. I can't say for sure b/c we have NO CLUE what we are doing during our 9 days en España! So.... as it gets closer if I know for sure I will post here or e-mail you, roses.

#70416 - 06/02/01 12:55 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
roses Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/07/02
Posts: 169
Loc: Beverly Hills, CA
I am so glad that so many of you guys are attending this event. The one thing I love the most about traveling is meeting new people and enjoying a nice dinner in a wonderful cafe in a city filled with so much life and history. For me this is what traveling is all about, and I am so glad that we will have the chance to enjoy each other's company and share so many experiences and ideas of things to do while we are in Madrid. I know that all of you will have to take time out of your holiday to join us, and I think that it is so cool that all of us are doing so. I know that when people are traveling everything is last minute... like where do you want to go for dinner or what do you want to do today. I guess it's nice to have a least one thing planned out. (At least for me anyway.) I'm so looking forward to meeting all of you wonderful people who gave Warren and I so much GOOD advice for our trip. MadridMan this is truly a cool site. You attract really cool and normal people. In fact, this is the only message board I use, in fact, the only message board I've ever used. And for all those maybe's out there, try to turn them into definite yeses (i know you can't say that, but y'all know what i mean laugh!

See you all in a few weeks... Chau chau...


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#70417 - 06/06/01 01:37 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
druship Offline

Registered: 03/04/01
Posts: 53
Loc: Chicago, IL
I just bought some more compact flash cards so I can store hella pics (up to around 500 on my new one, so we should be okay). I also think I have a computer connection now so that I can do updates to sites I work on AND, for our purposes here, email pics to MM the next day (assuming no resaca)

[I think I'll need to take pics early on in the evening and then cab home to drop off the camera for safekeeping before venturing onward]. It would be so me to drunkenly forget that camera somewhere (not like I did that 2 years ago at the Magic Castle in LA or anything)...

Can't wait to meet everyone!

#70418 - 06/12/01 01:37 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Asterault Offline

Registered: 01/22/01
Posts: 560
Loc: Gijón
The dinner looks possible for me (30 Junio, yes?). Where is the restaurant?

We shall feast and be merry.

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