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#70439 - 07/05/01 11:16 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Anchovy Front Offline
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Registered: 10/19/00
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Loc: Southern Spain
What a happy looking bunch of people you are! I was in Madrid that night, as it happens, but it wasn't until the last minute that we made that choice, as we were going to stay in Aranjuez. I know how difficult it is to organise something like your dinner, roses, as I seem to get lumbered with that down here, so I didn't want to say that we would come if we couldn't make it.

It turned out that we got into Madrid in time to check in, see the parade in Sol (which was great!) and we could have had time to go along to the restaurant even if it was just for a drink and meet you all. I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant either, so the two of us had a mini tapas crawl and swore to do it right next time there is a gathering such as this! Glad you enjoyed it! smile
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#70440 - 07/05/01 11:33 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Jo-Anne Offline
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Loc: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Eng...

(sorry MM I'm digressing, but it wont be for long rolleyes )

How was the Sultan of Swing?

Who was in the band, do you know? Who was the bass player? Or were you too busy thinking about whether you could make it to M&S (or have they already closed down?)

Expect you had a great time anyway.

MM - have you got names for the people on the photos yet?


#70441 - 07/05/01 12:34 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
MadridMan Offline

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No names yet, Jo-Anne (except for the obvious ones, at least to me, for Antonio and Replay). I suppose when everyone comes back from their trip they'll be loud and clear about who/which they were. smile
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#70442 - 07/21/01 08:22 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
canadiense Offline
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Loc: Magstadt, GERMANY
Okay, to claim my identity, I am the guy in the photos with blond hair (on the top anyway). As much as I tried to blend in, there is no hiding the fact that in Spain I am easily identified as a "guiri".

A big thanks to Roses for putting this dinner together. Let's do it again next year! laugh

BTW - I stayed at the Hotel Mediodia, which is right beside the famous El Brillante bar across from Atocha. The price and location of this hotel are both excellent.

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#70443 - 07/21/01 04:00 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
Majesty318 Offline

Registered: 12/16/00
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Loc: New Jersey, USA
Ooh everyone hurry up and put your names! I am playing guessing games and want to see if I'm right... except I don't know who was there except roses, Warren, replay, and Antonio.... I almost attended, I wish I had: we arrived that night and I asked my friend if she wanted to go, but she declined. I don't know why since she is as obsessed with Spain as all the rest of us, but hopefully there will be another NYC dinner to make up for it.

#70444 - 07/24/01 05:43 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
roses Offline
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Registered: 05/07/02
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Loc: Beverly Hills, CA
okay... to claim myself...i am the one with long black hair and a yucky scar on my arm... thanks to my evil dog fantasia...

you're welcome canadaniese and thanks to everyone who attended. and canadaniese... definitely next year! wink

#70445 - 07/24/01 07:03 PM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
missmadrid98 Offline

Registered: 06/26/00
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Loc: Madrid
sorry i didnīt make it i was in santader for 5 days. i will definitely catch you guys next time or maybe we can set up a dinner for those that live here or something, me and rhonda are always down for meeting new people!!
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#70446 - 07/31/01 01:06 AM Re: Dinner Group in Madrid, Spain
druship Offline

Registered: 03/04/01
Posts: 53
Loc: Chicago, IL
I feel so horrible at taking so long to reply. Getting back into the swing of things. How come there are no photos of Sheba? Anyway, i'm in #3, el chico en blanco...Roses, I am so sorry I had to leave early BUT as it turned out, the person I was meeting and I went to Chueca for pride festivities (por supuesto), had "mini's" (which are anything but) and she then introduced to me to one of her close friends. He in turn invited me to go with him and some OTHER friends to Granada the following weekend...(and la playa at Al Muneca) was are you. I'm sorry I didn't get to hang with you all longer. Sheba filled me in on the rest of the evening the following Sunday at the Rastro. She introduced me to this amazing little bar right near there. We drank the afternoon away, partly because we were too lazy to move, but mostly because we had to wait a few hours for more paella to be made, as we had talked right through the first serving. Later we sat out front on the dirt sidewalk and petted stray dogs, watched lovers roll around right next to us, and have a motorbike roar up inches away from us and just park there. As we told the surprisingly apologetic driver, no pasa nada.
I hope to return next year and would love a chance to break bread again...(though no veggie burgers)

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