I'm trying to find a hostal or cheap hotel for one of the nights in May that is apparently Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend. This is turning out to be a nightmare. I'm trying to find something around Barri G (safe parts) or Eixample. It's hard to figure out what's where. I've figured out that the Barcelona public transportation web site is terrific in showing what buses/metro lines are nearby. But I'm a little confused - the area around Liceu metro - is that good or bad in terms of security/convenience? Is Montjuic/Barcelonetta bad in terms of convenience? I know El Raval is shaky, but I'm not sure exactly where that is. Is El Born area ok? I've searched all over the area around Plaza Catalunya, without finding more than one place (Pension Bahia) with a vacant double room. Is the Bahia ok? Location's great! Girona sounds good but I'm too chicken to call them and I couldn't find a way to email in real time. The usual hostals (Goya, Grau, Central, San Remo, Residencia Australia, etc.) are all full. Does anyone know about the Que Tal or whatever it is that Madrid Man shows as a featured hostal? Looks nice, but it's 15 minutes north of Catalunya and it's also obviously out to get gay customers (which is not me, but I'm gay tolerant, so if it's a good place to stay, who cares?) Is the area around the University tolerable? Anyway, I know I'm rambling, but any help you can give me would be appreciated. I've now spent about 10 hours trying to find something good. My choices at this point are a beautiful hotel not too far from Catalunya for 165 euros or Pension Bahia for 50-60 euros or Pension Dali (cheap, but sounds a bit scary for a 50 year old woman with expensive camera)or pay for two nights at the Residencia Australia for around 60E and use only 1. I had NO idea that Formula 1, whatever it is, was such a big deal! Thanks.