That's great news, Mong. Alberto told me a couple weeks ago that the work for the new elevator are about to start as well. He said that by the end of summer, without delays in the approval, that is. Talk about "icing on the cake"!! Great news all around. I think he said it would be something they could install in just a few days too. Hopefully it'll be a tasteful one going up the middle of the staircase to fit with the newly renovated staircase and entrance.

Had hoped to spend at least one night at Hostal Adriano or Hostal Adriá this time around but it's not looking good now. Might have to stay home the whole time there unless I can plan one "night out with the boys" and use that for my reasoning.. ahem... or excuse. hehehe... wink Still, my late-making plans for that will likely find me with a NO VACANCY at Hostal Adriano thus nearly defeating (but not quite) the purpose of the night out.

HEY! AT THIS VERY MOMENT I'M LISTENING TO A RADIO ADVERTISEMENT from Madrid for EL BRILLANTE!! on internet radio!!! Mmmm... Of course they were advertising those tasty-and-cheap bocadillos de calamares. Mmmm....

Saludos, MadridMan
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