I dont think so about this pension because last October I went there with 2 kids and my mom. We came from Sevilla and very tired but when we arrived the man who works there said no room for us unless we already booked and got the confirmation a month in advance. That mad tried to help me...that was very kind but the owner who ignored everything,I asked that man phoned the owner finally that man tried to find the other place for us.
I can say I am not happy for this pension and when I got back home I got her email ( while I was in my trip,who gonna check email all the time? ) said I have to send her my credit card number again!!! I did send her and she accepted that too. She said Visa was okay in Sept but in Oct it should be AMEX...TOO STRANGE !!!
But the other hotsel I found in www.madridman.com are quite good for us and we had a great time in Spain...we were there for a month from north to south. And we are looking forward to go back again.