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#61412 - 02/25/02 03:46 PM Re: Alleged police beating
SRedw Offline
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This actually happened to me in Madrid and I always said something. It wasn't rude, but just to let them know that I was aware of the situation. These situations turned out to be nothing in the end, but I don't care where I am, I alaways say soemthing if I feel that a situation isn't right.

I am moving back to Madrid next year and am actually looking forward to it. I know that racism and bull**** happens eveywhere in this world and I just have to deal with it as it comes along.

It mad a difference also that I spoke Spanish very well. That always surprised the person and threw them off guard. They always started in English I responded in Spanish.


#61413 - 02/25/02 05:25 PM Re: Alleged police beating
CaliBasco Offline
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Much to your collective disappointment, I'm back...

Matador: There is no point to be missed, and it looks like all others seem to have understood what I said earlier about the N in NAACP. They have no business being involved. However, if a publicly-elected individual (i.e. George W., et. al.) would choose to exercise his "by the people, for the people" directive to get involved, that would be within his sworn duties of protection of Americans and our Constitution, wherever.

I don't remember voting anyone into the NAACP, as this isn't how they operate. As was stated earlier by another intelligent [and astute] individual, the NAACP has their hands full in the N, and shouldn't worry about the INT'L. I'm also fairly certain that since this issue hasn't hardly been touched by any of the major news outlets, that the "influence" that [the NAACP] has in the "state department" would do little other than waste valuable time.

I think the comment Wolf made is appropriate: We can be confident that justice will be served. I would add that the protections are in place and the process of appeal is available should any foreign national feel that justice has not been served. These things are guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution.
Ongi etorri!

#61414 - 02/25/02 07:29 PM Re: Alleged police beating
Nativo Offline

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I know it's a totally naive question, but can somebody explain what NAACP stands for?. May be it was included in the threat, but I could find it.

#61415 - 02/25/02 07:59 PM Re: Alleged police beating
Chica Offline
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Nativo --

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Not naive at all! I am sure that I don´t know what all the Spanish anacronyms stand for! (You know, PSOE, PP, UGT, etc!) smile

#61416 - 02/26/02 04:48 AM Re: Alleged police beating
hombre_gizon Offline

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I've read all the thread about this topic and now I've a little-big doubt. I don't want to bother to anybody with my question so I hope I can ask it correctly.

My question is about how "black people" must be called. I have put black people betten quotes because I don't know if it is offensive or not.

I'm asking it because as I can see, NACCP stands for: National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE.

Here in Spain, my girlfriend worked few years ago talking with young childrens about racism and tolerance and she told me that we are white and they are back (in Spanish somos blancos y ellos negros). She said me that is ill-manered and a bit racist when you say "gente de color" (colored people as in the NACCP) or even when you use tiny words "negritos" (¿little black people?) because it seems that you are ashamed of saying "negro" (black).

But, as I can see, maybe in English is just the contrary because the NACCP stands for ... COLORED PEOPLE istead of BLACKS or BLACK PEOPLE.

Can anyone clarify me this issue? because I wouldn't like to bother anybody using the wrong term.


#61417 - 02/26/02 08:10 AM Re: Alleged police beating
Shawn Offline
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Hombre Gizon,

The NAACP was founded about 100 years ago, and during that period in American culture the term- colored person/people was considered the polite and politicaly correct manner in the United States to refer to black people.

Today in the US, the term African American or Afro-American is considered the most politiaclly correct, however black person is also accepted.


#61418 - 02/26/02 11:09 AM Re: Alleged police beating
Miguelito Offline

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Maybe this news(it's in Spanish) could help Matador and any other who thinks like him to reconsider their opinion of (what I think) is an isoleted fact.
It's more or less the same fact, a famous Spanish gipsy dancer was beated in the JFK airport of NY by the police,

#61419 - 02/26/02 11:52 AM Re: Alleged police beating
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Shawn, I am curious about your spanish exploits. Tell me, are going back to study or work and if so, have you been to Oviedo Spain?
I am considering a atudy abroad in oviedo.What other cities have you visited? What are your accomodations? I realize that this is off topic. By the way miguelito, I was in New York during christmas when two white men were caught after they lured two mexicans with the promise of diong construction work for them. They beat the two mexicans with shovels. It was a brutal act that put them in the hospital. The victims have left the U.S. for good. They went home to Mexico.The U.S. is not exempt from this kind of behavior. Nevertheless it is still sickening.

#61420 - 02/26/02 12:35 PM Re: Alleged police beating
Wolf Offline

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Loc: Rockford, IL/Milton, WI, USA

Thanks for posting the article. It's very interesting.

If I read El Mundo's account of the situation correctly, after translating it, they feel that what happened at JFK was part of an "ongoing conspiracy against Spaniards," and "symptomatic of all that's wrong with the U.S."

Was this a Spanish official who said that or was it a reporters view? If it was a Spanish official, he's an idiot. He's also so damned "anti-American" that he really doesn't want to hear the truth, just wants to blast all Americans. Does the description, "anal retentive" seem to apply here?

I love it! So now we let the Barcelona case slip away, because we're even? Bzzzzt - Wrong answer! We need justice in both cases. If there was something wrong in either or both instances, the issues must be addressed individually, but not by throwing anti-American or anti-Spanish rhetoric around.

Wolf (Who's beginning to believe that politicians and journalists both are sniffing too much glue.)

#61421 - 02/26/02 07:07 PM Re: Alleged police beating
toddy Offline

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I didn't mean to heat up the posts, but I think that these issues, however difficult, should be discussed.

However, my point was basically an economic one. As Spain and the US develop closer ties, especially through the expansion of NAFTA, I think it is important for both countries to learn about each other (and not just through Arnold or Almadovar movies).
As in any close relationship, it is important to understand both each other's sensabilities and vulnerabilities. The more we communicate these difficult emotional issues, the more we will build a solid relationship; a great relationship, I believe, that will allow both countries a very happy and prosperous future!

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