Hi all -

I've enjoyed the most informative web site on Madrid there is - I'll be hiking
300 miles with my two sons between Salamanca and Santiago this coming June/early
July 2004 (Camino Fonseca). We'll be flying in & out of Madrid and will be resting/
relaxing/touring Madrid for about 3/4 days at the end of our journey. I'll make
reservaions after I nail down our flight (C'mon cheap fares!). We go on the cheap
- but I admit to be leaning towards those rooms with TV's & air - as we spend some
time "in room" before heading home....

Along the Camino Fonseca, we'll be spening most of our nights in "refugios". But at
some of the bigger towns - or for occasional rest days we'll stay at hostals - or
pensions (refugios allow one night only). Question: Some of our "2 nighter's" will
be in Salamanca, Zamora, & Orense. We'll also be spending 3 nights in Santiago - but
thanks to links from this site I have reservations at a place (Hostal Mapoula) -
inexpensive & well placed! Does anyone have any recent thoughts on places to stay in
Salamanca, Zamora, & Orense? Emphasis is on budget - though our rest days we'll go
for a private room (not necessarily private bath). We need a triple - or double with
extra bed (thankfully triples aren't unusual in Europe).

Thanks ahead of time for any possible help. In 2002 my oldest son & I hiked the Camino
Frances (in & out of Paris). This time both sons are going as we have one last adventure
before they leave me & head off to college frown

Buen Camino!

Fupanier :p