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#59530 - 01/29/01 04:08 PM cockroach question

when me and my fiance were in south africa, we had a serious cockroach problem in both the east and west sides of the country, in the city and in the rural ares.

are cockroaches known to be in or around hostals/hotels? we dont plan to do any camping.

dan m


dan & abbie of Michigan

#59531 - 01/29/01 04:42 PM Re: cockroach question
CaliBasco Offline
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Loc: Idaho
In 30 months+ of living in Spain in different areas and in different seasons and in different years, I have yet to see a cockroach in a hotel, and have seen a grand total of one in an apartment. They are there, but you shouldn't have too much trouble if you're staying at a little nicer, cleaner place. I assume that they are more prevalent in the south, where I've spent less time, but still, you shouldn't encounter too much of a problem.

If you're interested in seeing a lot of cockroaches, try El Salvador or Honduras. I hear they're wonderful this time of year!
Ongi etorri!

#59532 - 01/29/01 04:54 PM Re: cockroach question
connie Offline

Registered: 07/05/00
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I agree with CaliBasco, you will be fine.
I have seen some on the Canary Islands, where they are said to be found more frequently, and one in Madrid (in a private home). I have never seen any in a hotel anywhere in the Peninsula.

#59533 - 01/29/01 04:57 PM Re: cockroach question
rgf Offline
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nah, you won't see any cockroaches, but you will see a lot of nicely dressed people scurrying around (or strolling around), so worry more about how you look and less about bad stuff!

#59534 - 01/29/01 05:01 PM Re: cockroach question
Cristobal Offline

Registered: 01/21/01
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Loc: San Francisco CA USA
Not to get off the subject of Spain, I am Salvadoran-American and have been there many times and I have yet to see a cockroach. So find some other small Latin country to pick on.......

#59535 - 01/29/01 08:04 PM Re: cockroach question
elfroggy27 Offline
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Loc: Fort Worth, TX, USA
I live in Texas, and I will be the first to say - if you want cockroaches, come visit! It may not be the best claim to fame, but you know what they say - everything's bigger in Texas.

#59536 - 01/29/01 08:30 PM Re: cockroach question
connie Offline

Registered: 07/05/00
Posts: 172
I heard that in Florida there exists a type of flying cockroach-luckily enough, I have not met any... I do not think that there is that type in Europe.

#59537 - 01/29/01 11:40 PM Re: cockroach question
MadridMan Offline

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I SERIOUSLY doubt you'll ever see a cockroach in any of the hostels in Spain... Those wonderful people are SO dedicated to have SPOTLESSLY clean rooms, it's amazing. I was witness to two cleaning lady's efforts in a few rooms at a couple different hostels and WOW, they spent almost an hour in each room. Mine rooms were always dust free, sheets fresh and taught, and a bathroom floor clean enough to eat from.

Saludos, MadridMan

P.S. On my last trip to Madrid, I did see a few LARGE cockroaches near the steps of Hotel Carlos V. But......hehehe... they were actually dead and across the street from the hotel at the steps of an... INSECT & PET shop. Seems they "dispensed" of a few of the specimens out the front door after they went to "a better place". WHERE DO COCKROACHES GO WHEN THEY DIE??? Blech!
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#59538 - 01/30/01 08:37 AM Re: cockroach question
mclarke Offline

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Loc: Arlington, VA
I was in Madrid and the Andalusia area and during my 3-weeks trip, staying at cheap hostals ranging from 4,500 - 6,700 pesetas, I have never seen any roaches. As Madridman posted, most hostal owners keep their place clean because that is also their dwelling. When I was in Madrid, staying with my daughter's landlady's apartment, one thing I noticed when I first entered the apartment complex, there was no definitive smell which at times in the U.S. when I visit friends who live in buildings or apartments, there is that certain smell distinct of a building or an apartment.

#59539 - 01/30/01 09:59 AM Re: cockroach question
Celia U Offline

Registered: 10/09/00
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Loc: Madrid
As Connie said, I have seen a lot of huge cockroachs at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Island (in a good Hotel) and at night you can see them flying around like bats. I didn`t know until then that cockroachs could fly.


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