[originally posted by missmadrid98 on 07-19-2005 12:22 PM]

hey guys, remember me? i am sure MANY of you don´t cause it has been YEARS since i have posted. Well for those that do i just thought i would say hello. someone from the message board sent me an e-mail asking me how i was and if i was still living in madrid, so i decided to drop by the message board and say hey. yes i do still live in madrid and have been now for 4 1/2 years, can you believe it, i can´t. time passes so quickly. remember when i left? when i sold everything and moved to spain? well everything turned out fine, i´m great. i work as a pre-school teacher and have been for nearly 3 years, i live in malasaña/chueca and have tons of friends. i´ve travelled all over spain and have got to know what it is REALLY like to live in spain and what this place is all about. there are even things i am really tired of if you can believe it, but anyways, wish everyone the best and i´ll drop a i line sometime again!
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