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#58466 - 11/29/00 07:41 PM Re: Morning Board
Diana Offline

Registered: 06/18/00
Posts: 506
Loc: Pennsylvania, USA
Here’s my typical day:

7:55: I’m in to work early. Quick - check the board. Leave it up to refresh later.
9:45: 15 minute break from classes - Quick, check the board.
11:00: Another teacher is using my classroom. I sneak into the computer lab to a computer not facing the door (all the red and yellow, you know.) Check the board.
12:45: After lunch break - you guessed it - check the board!
2:30 : Free period. Forget prepping for tomorrow. Gotta check the board.
4:30: At home. Kids ask, “What are you going to do, Mom?” I answer, “Check the board.”
7:30: Same as 4:30. Kids roll eyes.
10:00: Kids are in bed. Check the board peacefully. Wish there were more yellow bulbs lit up.

I can relate to Puna’s comment: “What did we ever do - who did we talk to that really understood.” My kids, madrileños los dos, are too busy with their new lives in America to listen to their madre pesada. My new friends here can’t relate. My parents - bless their hearts - are very patient with me (and they love Spain, too). My friends in Spain can relate 100%, but they’re soooo far away...

But you guys are great!!

#58467 - 11/29/00 07:50 PM Re: Morning Board
laduque Offline
Executive Member

Registered: 10/02/00
Posts: 596
Loc: San Diego, CA, USA
I "ran" into MM's board about a year and a half ago, when he took his '99 trip. I was fascinated with every detail, and was saddened when he returned home and nothing new was posted. Occasionally, through the months, I would come back on hopefully to find something new...Imagine my surprise when I logged on in October, to find MM on his way to Spain again...I was happy to get to read another journal, but even more excited about the message board...I had to go back and read every post from before I got here.
Anyway, this message board has become a mild obsession for me. I read it everyday, religiously...anxiously awaiting all of your insights and discussions.
I can honestly say, I never thought I would use my computer to meet people, but you guys are the best!!!!!

#58468 - 11/29/00 08:07 PM Re: Morning Board
Nicole Offline
Executive Member

Registered: 07/24/00
Posts: 583
Loc: Los Angeles

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#58469 - 11/30/00 06:32 AM Re: Morning Board
El Boqueron Offline

Registered: 06/09/00
Posts: 421
Loc: UK
I'm a "working" board member too (one of the European minority), and always start the day by checking the light bulbs. At the moment though I'm very busy, and with the ever increasing number of posts I don't have time to read everything like I used to. The board is a wonderful mixture of passion and love with knowledge and civility (like a Sevillana danced well). In part I think this reflects the "tone" set by MM throughout the site.

#58470 - 11/30/00 06:43 AM Re: Morning Board
nevado Offline

Registered: 06/11/00
Posts: 597
I too must admit I'm mildly obsessed with the board. Unfortunately, I'm way too busy at work to check the board While my husband prepares dinner I log on every night! (Unless I have a basketball game). Hey MM, why no mention of your friend here in Asia on the "hit list" ? I'm feeling a bit left out.

Why didn't my frowns work? And what's up with the weird spacing???

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#58471 - 11/30/00 06:55 AM Re: Morning Board
rhonda Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/22/00
Posts: 29
Loc: Madrid, Spain
I also check this board at work in the's very informative and i enjoy reading all these things.
I live in madrid, so it gives me good tips about what to do on the weekends, places to stay, places to eat, etc(you guys know everything!) It's great! Gracias a todos!

#58472 - 11/30/00 08:51 AM Re: Morning Board
Anchovy Front Offline
Executive Member

Registered: 10/19/00
Posts: 661
Loc: Southern Spain
I'm in Spain and also at work and although a relative newcomer to the board, it hasn't taken me long to get into the routine of checking the posts first thing either!

As Rhonda says, we residents can also learn a lot from the info shared here and hopefully we can also give something back by using our local knowledge.
Fantastic apartment to rent from less than $50 a night!!

#58473 - 11/30/00 11:03 AM Re: Morning Board
Jen Offline

Registered: 08/01/00
Posts: 217
Loc: Chicago
As you all know, I am a faithful reader/sometimes participant to this awesome board! I looovvveee Spain but unfortunately, can't add too much input about Madrid itself, but I do share the passion. This board and everyone's enthusiasm is a great way to keep Spain on the mind. Thanks to you, MM and everyone around the globe!

#58474 - 11/30/00 11:03 AM Re: Morning Board
CaliBasco Offline
Executive Member

Registered: 10/17/00
Posts: 1495
Loc: Idaho
I think we're all neurotic, in a nice, sane sort of way...I've never been into drugs and booze, but I'm happily addicted to checking the board daily!

I'm with Nicole in thinking that usually you get a BBS with a bunch of nuts...I don't see anything but honest opinions and great commentary and interchange of ideas here. Thanks to all of you who take the time to thoughtfully participate!!! You make this board WORTH checking 1-2 (okay about 8) times a day!
Ongi etorri!

#58475 - 11/30/00 02:50 PM Re: Morning Board
Jaime Offline

Registered: 08/19/00
Posts: 147
This is honestly the best travelboard I have ever seen and I've used alot of them. I guess its because the posters are all very friendly and the topics are always active. I don't know how MadridMan can hold a job because he always responds ro everything so quickly. Hats off to MadridMan! I like to check back during the day when I'm stuck at home with my daughter. I also use it as a quick get away from studying. I'm proud to be a junkie right along with the rest of ya.

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