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#53401 - 11/19/02 07:45 PM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
Cooter Offline

Registered: 02/27/02
Posts: 86
Loc: Boston, MA USA
In best Homer Simpson voice: mmmmmmmmmm....Spanish women.

Seriously, I've been going out with a very wonderful Spanish woman for 2 1/2 years and have never been happier...I think you meet them like you meet women anywhere: luck has more to do with it than we guys like to admit, being kind and considerate, not coming on too strong, being genuinely interested, making her smile...

#53402 - 11/20/02 05:28 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
carmendeespana Offline

Registered: 11/19/02
Posts: 93
Loc: Madrid
Spanish 101 (specially for those interested in making new Spanish female friends). Enjoy it!

Tip: Print Out Chart Below Keep in Wallet - Remember Make it fun!
English Spanish (spelled phonetically)

hello o lah

i speak a little spanish yo ablo solo oon poco day espanyol

how are you como asta oostead

very well thank you moy byen gros see yahs

good morning bway nos dee yes

good afternoon bway nos tar des

good evening bway nos no chess

what is your name como say yamma

how old are you quanto onyo teeyenes

you are a beautiful girl too aires oona seniorita bwo neeta

are you single aires too soltara

yes / no
see / no

want is your telephone number qual estoo numero day telephono

here is my card akee tee yenna oostead mee tahetta

let's go back to my house tay goostaria ear are mee cassa

I love you tay ammo

let's make love agomose el amore

big grandee

little poe keeto

nice meeting you fway oon plaser concella

goodbye adios

Life is not fair, it is only fairer than death
William Golding

#53403 - 11/20/02 07:59 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
Anchovy Front Offline
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Loc: Southern Spain
laugh laugh laugh
Fantastic apartment to rent from less than $50 a night!!

#53404 - 11/20/02 05:46 PM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
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That´s good carmendeespana, maybe you can help me with my fonetics class.

#53405 - 11/20/02 06:59 PM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
taravb Offline
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Loc: Ames, Iowa, USA
All of these posts make me think of the latest trend in American "dating"--it's called "quick-dating" or something like that, and here's how it works...

About 15 men and 15 women pay money (really!) to get together in a public place (usually a restaurant). All of the women sit at tables, and all of the men stand. At a signal from a time-keeper, each of the men sits down across from one woman for a limited (3 minutes? 5 minutes?) amount of time. Then a bell rings and the men switch to the next woman. Everyone takes notes about who they want to see again.

At the end of the night, everyone goes home (alone!) and the coordinator looks through the notes to see where there are "matches" (both the man and woman want to see each other again). Then they set those people up on dates so that they can get to know each other.

Funny, I kind of liked the old fashioned way of meeting someone at work or out with friends!

As for meeting Spanish men, my limited experience in that regard was very good--a nice group of guys approached a group of us American women, we chatted over drinks, they bought us drinks, they invited us to meet the next day, we did...and a few of us hit it off. At least among the Spanish men I met (and these were all of typical American "college-age," or between 18 and 22), the expectations were that we would become friends first. I think I was asked, politely, for a first kiss. I found the Spanish men I knew to be perfectly charming. But then Melrose Place hadn't made it to Europe yet, so who knows how things are now?????


#53406 - 11/20/02 07:06 PM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
Sarita Offline

Registered: 08/31/02
Posts: 59
Loc: Sevilla
Hey Matador,
The American guys I studied abroad with in Sevilla a few years ago had the same trouble...they were so mad that all of us American girls were getting Spanish guys left and right but they kept striking out! Make sure you´re not dressing too "American"...I know that sounds shallow, but when I asked my Spanish girlfriends why they were not interested in American men, that was their number one reply, "their pants are too big". Go figure.
What neighborhood do you live in? I could give you some pointers on good bars to go to in Sevilla. We're going for Christmas this year and cannot wait!!!!!!!

Sarita wink
sevilla tiene un color especial

#53407 - 11/21/02 07:19 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
Full Member

Registered: 11/02/00
Posts: 194
I lived in los remedios until my senora got drunk one night and tried to kiss me on the lips. I left there and now I live in triana. I know of many bars here, madigan´s, oneil´s and some other spanish bars. Listen guys the problem is not meeting women in general( this is not a problem for me with american or english women here, I meet new girls here every week and we hang out. When I go out to clubs I go out with lots of girls, The problem is that they are not spanish)I get complimented on the things that I wear so fashion is not a problem. By the way many americans here have problems finding clothes that fit well. The styles here are incredible here, but people here are thinner and smaller than many americans and shirts tend to have this trim cut on the sides as opposed to a regular cut. I am talking about people of many different sizes.

#53408 - 11/21/02 09:22 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
pim Offline

Registered: 11/07/01
Posts: 662
Loc: Brussels

Are you serious? Does that "new trend" really exist?! eek I've never heard of a more ridiculous, even pathetic, (not to mention totally "unsexy" :o ) way to 'ligar' in my life! rolleyes


Your "host mum" tried to kiss you!!!??? WOW! eek Mmmmm, I guess you could have told her you had come to Spain looking for Spanish experiences, not French! laugh (sorry, bad joke, I know :o ). Well, think about it this way; at least you've been quite a succes in the eyes of one 'española'!

#53409 - 11/21/02 09:50 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
taravb Offline
Executive Member

Registered: 02/22/01
Posts: 743
Loc: Ames, Iowa, USA
I promise, pim, it's true! There are even variations, so that you can meet other people in your same "category"--college-educated, or Jewish, or whatever! I think most people call it speed-dating.

Here's proof--,12718,272708_272978,00.html

It's coming to Spain, I just know it! wink rolleyes

#53410 - 11/21/02 10:15 AM Re: SPANISH WOMEN
Espe3 Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
Posts: 511
O'neils?!??! THERE'S part of your problem! STAY AWAY FROM THE GUIRI BARS!!!!!!!!! jejej!

Like I said, try to get involved in other activities to meet people. Is there a university where you are where they have a foreign exchange program? My school always had activities for the foreigners and it was a good way for them to meet americans and meet and mingle with people.

I don't know if you're a student or not...but even signing up for some kind of class, like the kind people do when they get out of work. One of my friends took a animal balloon class! (no joking!) and since a couple of our friends were doing it.. I don't know that foreigners ever sign up for those kinds of things, even pottery or something- see where I'm going?! You need to go someplace, even a spanish club/bar, to up your chances of meeting spanish people. Sure, in an irish bar you will, but its alot harder.. its also a lot easier for you to be lazy and use your english instead of spanish! :p

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