Hello everyone!
I will be in Madrid for the next 8-12 months to learn Spanish. I will be needing an apartment near UCM. Moncloa and Arguelles are two of the areas I have in mind. I know about segundomano and some other websites. But I think I would have better luck if I were to walk around and looked for "for rent" signs. Or the other option is to go with a real estate agent or something like that. Could someone with personal experience in the field enlighten me on the subject.I would be more than grateful. There's one more thing. How hard is it to learn spanish? It took me 8 months to get my german from scratch to a good level, meaning that I can carry out a conversation in any subject as long as my vocab. allows me. Like I said I need some views on these subjects and those who know me will tell you that I know how to return a favor.Thanks a bunch already.