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#46523 - 01/14/02 08:19 AM Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
katrina Offline
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Loc: Madrid
My husband and I just moved here and hope to be in our new apartment on Calle Leganitos by the end of this week or begining of next week. Most of our stuff will arrive in a few weeks, but in the meantime we need to buy several things including: a sofa bed, tv, portable dishwasher, voltage adapters, and miscellaneous other household type furnishings. Where are the best places to shop for these kinds of things, both new and used?

Thanks for any advice,


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#46524 - 01/14/02 04:20 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
pim Offline

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¡¡¡Bienvenida a Madrid!!!

I'd say one of the cheapest places to buy all that kind of stuff(except the TV) is IKEA , I for one love their 'diseño'. There are two stores, one in a suburb or neighborhood called San Sebastian de los Reyes, and another one in Alcorcón.

Saludos, & enjoy the 'rebajas'!!!


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#46525 - 01/14/02 07:49 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
Antonio Offline

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Well, it depends on the things you are buying and on your budget.

Ikea is a good place for some things but terrible for others (very bad quality on them). Which ones? Uhm, I guess it depends on each specific product. Sometimes Ikea is a good value for money and sometimes you'd better buy them anywhere else.

As for sofa bed, "Mak+ Sofás" is specializing in sofas and you'll find plenty of them from which to choose one. Unfortunately, all their shops are outside Madrid and it's difficult to get there by public transport.

A good starting point (one of the cheapest shops) is Menaje del Hogar . The dishwasher

As for the TV, have a look first at FNAC and at El Corte Inglés (both very near to Leganitos).

Give Carrefour and Alcampo a try. They always have some TV/dishwashers... brands / models on offer. Watch out at these supermarkets for the goods which are not on offer. They are usually more expensive than anywhere else.

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#46526 - 01/15/02 09:15 AM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
hombre_gizon Offline

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Loc: Madrid

I've heard that IKEA is from Sweden and the beds they sell are 200 cm long.
Is it true?. (I'm not sure).

If it is true, maybe you'll have problems buying sheets in other places, because the standard sheets (and blankets, and eiderdowns) are for beds with 180 or 190 cm.

Someone knows something about it?.


#46527 - 01/15/02 02:06 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
JJP Offline

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Loc: ca.eeuu
The Swedes are taking over ... smile smile smile

The friends of mine who were married in Madrid this December were also moving into a new flat. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me they had spent the day at IKEA .

One just moved into the San Francisco Bay Area last year - the store has been under siege since it opened! He said the one is Madrid was no different...

I wonder if there are other areas in Madrid to find value priced home goods (suggested neighborhoods)? Towns outside Madrid that offer well priced furniture?

I think this proves that this Swedish company knows wink what we all want - no matter our culture:

Cheap and stylish! cool

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#46528 - 01/16/02 05:07 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
karenwishart Offline

Registered: 12/23/00
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Loc: York,PA,USA
Ikea does have unique bed /linen sizes compared to the US. I know that can be annoying here but maybe it is standard in Spain??

#46529 - 01/17/02 09:38 AM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
hombre_gizon Offline

Registered: 12/19/01
Posts: 62
Loc: Madrid

Why don't you look for furnitures in Ribera de Curtidores street?. This is the street where the Rastro is placed on Sundays. There are a lot of shops selling furnitures opened all days.

Few months ago I bought there two bedside tables, I think that it was in "La Valenciana".


#46530 - 01/17/02 09:53 AM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
Diana Offline

Registered: 06/18/00
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Loc: Pennsylvania, USA
We once bought a sofa bed in the c/ Ribera de Curtidores. It was very inexpensive.

No one has mentioned used items for sale. I think the best way to buy used furniture, appliances, etc. is by buying a copy of Segundamano in any kiosko. We used to sell things in Segundamano. You can find excellent deals in it. If you have a contact in the US embassy , you may also want to see if they know of any Americans who are selling things - especially electronics - because they are leaving Spain. Lots of Americans sell furniture and electronics in late spring / early summer, but there may be someone leaving now.

Good luck.

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#46531 - 06/30/02 05:32 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
MadridMan Offline

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So tell us, Katarina. I see you're interested in picara's microwave, fans, and TV at her MOVING SALE . But how did you finally find all your other things in Madrid initially?

Curious, MadridMan
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#46532 - 07/01/02 02:55 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
picara Offline

Registered: 06/14/01
Posts: 41
Loc: New Mexico, USA
Hey MM,
Thanks for touting my moving sale! (I don't know how you did that link--Katrina, you can find it under the Classifieds sale.) In addition to the big items (forgot to mention: dustbuster, iron + ironing board), we probably have a lot of small things that you would be more than welcome to, but, unfortunately, not until July 18th or 19th.

We bought most of our electrical stuff (converters, etc.) either at El Corte Inglés or at a local ferretería. The Todo A Cien or Ven Ven stores (like our dollar stores) are great for inexpensive plates, glasses, and other kitchenware.


#46533 - 07/01/02 03:40 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
Chica Offline
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Loc: Madrid
On Calle Bravo Murillo there are a number of stores that sell used appliances (small)...and sometimes they are new. One name that comes to mind is "Cash Converter" which is more or less like a pawnshop without the negative feel to it...

good luck!

#46534 - 07/02/02 11:45 PM Re: Madrid: Where to buy household stuff?
Espe3 Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
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I got my washer and fridge from a store near the puerta de toledo in madrid, ( past the chimieny) from a store that sells new, but slightly blemished (sometimes, other times without a mark) appliance. They are the items used in model apartments and homes, and because of a scratch or just because they were in the apts (but never used) cannot be sold like new. My fridge is perfect witha tiny scratch that's not even visible! And the washer was perfect. I can't find the business card 9I think its in my apt. in spain!) but ask around for that store, someone in the area will be able to tell you where it is! Another thing that may help, I bought my bed from a store near that other one I mentioned, and the name and address is: Confort 21, S.L. Ronda de Toledo, Soria, 3. Its on a corner, but if you keep going straight, you'll hit the other store I was talking about, its on the right hand side of the street (the chimney is behind you, and you're close to the placio del oriente). The people in both shops were very nice, we got good prices for everything. (the bed is one with a canape, and from the Confort place we found it had the best price!)
Hope this helps!

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