I just returned from a 3 week vacation in Spain and did not encounter any problems. Spent 5 days in Madrid, 4 in Barcelona, and a week in Val d'Aran in the Pyrenees and various excursions from these cities. I didn't even see any problems. I was particularly leary of places like Puerta del Sol and La Rambla from many of the postings that I read before my trip. These places are insanely crowded so I'm sure there are many pickpockets etc just waiting to pounce but I was never bothered. First off I've never carried a wallet in my life so nothing in my back pockets to entice them and I had a small travel combination lock on my back pack zippers which was probably a good deterent. But mostly I just paid attention to my surrounding, you are always near buildings with glass so the occasional glance let's you see if anyone is messing with your pack etc. I had an excellent hassle free trip and am missing Spain badly as I speak. Stay alert, stay safe.


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