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#34501 - 11/03/00 04:13 PM What do YOU bring?
CaliBasco Offline
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Loc: Idaho
I thought it might be fun to bounce ideas off of each other on what we normally bring when we visit Spain. I'm not sure if this has been started before, but I notice that there are many anxious first-timers who are curious.

I'll add two things that I consider a must have for the type of travel I assume that many of us do (train, bus, etc.):

-multiple packs of the baby wipes; a million uses.

-Swiss army life; works well for peeling fruit on the train and for slicing some awesome queso for your bocadillo!

Anything else?
Ongi etorri!

#34502 - 11/03/00 04:31 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
MadridMan Offline

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The Swiss Army Knife is a good idea, but one should probably pack this in the checked luggage instead of carrying it on a plane. When you go through the X-ray Security gate you'll have to show this knife and, depending on security, you may or may not be able to take it on the plane with you.

A few nutty things I take and rarely use are the larger size paper clips to hook together two "meeting" zippers on a backpack/bookbag. Makes opening them by "fast hands" extremely difficult and gives you more peace of mind.

Also, don't forget a couple of grocery-sized plastic bags for either your shoes, dirty clothes, for putting wet/dirty/potentially-messy items. The wet-wipes are always VERY handy on the plane, on hot days, or for hands if you can't get to a restroom to wash before buying a sandwich on the street.

ALWAYS take/carry one small-sized notepad and a couple pens for important notations taken about train/bus times, local bus numbers, to write directions or phone numbers of cute girls you meet along the way. hehehehehee...

A couple larger zip-lock bags are good too. Always, towards the end of a trip I accumulate A LOT of little papers, receipts, flyers/brochures/maps, business cards, etc. and this is good to keep them all together. Take rubber bands too!

I always suggest wearing shirts (at least for men. Women don't need to wear them. heheehe) that have one or two front pockets for airplane tickets just before boarding. MUCH easier than fumbling in a bag to find it and much easier to store the "stub" after walking down the ramp to the plane.

That's all I can think of. Anyone else?? By the way, do those blow-up neck-cushions really help you sleep more comfortably on airplanes??? My sister swears by them, but have never tried them myself. I always giggle when I see someone stand up to get something from the overhead compartment and they still have that silly looking thing around their neck.

Saludos, MadridMan
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#34503 - 11/03/00 09:47 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
ilovemadrid Offline

Registered: 06/20/00
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Loc: Hawaii
I agree with MM, also I always carry around with me packs of those toilet seat covers and travel-size toilet tissue rolls. I remember the university in Sevilla NEVER having any (they also seldom had soap or paper towels)!!! Those baby wipes are good, and also maybe those new hand sanitizers that they have now (although some people say that they're bad because they force germs to mutate, they kill germs but not bacteria, etc., who knows).
Sometimes you are on a train or bus or metro and SOMETHING smells nasty, so I also carried around scented hand lotion to hold up to my nose or to put on my hands if that happened. Some people's noses are sensitive to lotion though, so I only used this tactic in extreme situations.

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#34504 - 11/04/00 07:28 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
Jen Offline

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When I went to Spain and Ireland over the summer a friend had lent me her neck pillows and I am glad I had them! I got beyond feeling geeky with the neck brace type thing around me, but it really was comfy and they definitely beat the airline pillows. I wonder if those buckwheat filled pillows would be good? Anyone? As far as things to not be w/out, besides little packs of kleenex, spare batteries and film- I've been trying to streamline my traveling lately, b/c I always take too much that I don't use. Besides what's been mentioned already, anything else that you might need can be found wherever you're visiting. Also, it's fun to buy local products (and supports the Spanish economy too!) while you're there. Oh, little portable clotheslines can be handy too so you don't have to hang clothes all over the place if you happen to do some wash.
If you wear glasses, make sure you have a copy of your perscription(as well as any meds, in their original bottles, of course).
I'll stop now.
Happy trails...

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#34505 - 11/05/00 07:45 AM Re: What do YOU bring?
Eddie Offline
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Loc: Phila., PA, USA
Toilet tissue, antacid tablets (especially if you are going to have some of the heavier Spanish meals), anti-diarrheal (Imodium or something like that), lots of film for your camera (it's more expensive there).

#34506 - 11/06/00 11:06 AM Re: What do YOU bring?
Puna Offline
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Add to the list - an extra camera battery - they seem to die when there is NOTHING around and NOWHERE to buy one! Don't believe camera batteries cost any more in Spain - it's that they die at the worst times.
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#34507 - 11/06/00 12:12 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
NJmaria Offline
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I made multiple copies of our passport, credit cards and other important documents we brought with us. We left 1 set to my parents here in US and we brought another set with us. This way, just in case any of the originals will be stolen, we have the copies to show or information to give to the Embassy or Consulate or other companies that we need to contact. Or if both were lost in our possession, we can call US and ask my parents for the information we need, i.e., ID or account #'s, telephone #'s, etc.

Of course, you don't keep the original and the copies in the same place. We usually leave the copies in our luggage and the originals either inside our money belts or in the secret pockets of your clothing.


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#34508 - 11/06/00 12:48 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
Leche Offline

Registered: 10/03/00
Posts: 266
Loc: Boise, Idaho
hooo..I second that about the passports/documentation. When we went to Barcelona for a visit we were walking back to the car and we noticed that our stuff was laying all over the street. We actually followed a trail of our bags, clothing, and other stuff back to the rental van. The rear window had been broken out! Turns out some Morrocans had done it and a trustworthy store owner nearby had heard the commotion and ran over to stop them. He owned a tourist sword shop and actually chased them off with a sword! He told us all about it when we returned. The theives left the Lladro we bought from the factory earlier that day (much cheaper there) but made off with my backpack including my passport. I know...VERY dumb to leave that locked up in a vehicle but I didn't even realize it was there. So we ended up at the US embassy waiting to get faxes back from our US relatives to prove who I was...this occurred up to just about an hour before our departure flight!!! My family was seriously thinking that I would have to stay in Spain and they would have to leave me till we could get the proper documentation returned to them! It was a nightmare. AT the last second we got the info and they escorted us to the airport so we wouldn't miss the flight. It was a huge mess that took up an entire day of our trip (we were dumb enough to wait until the last day to get the paperwork figured out) and was seriously embarrasing.


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#34509 - 11/06/00 01:01 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
Nicole Offline
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I have to third the copies of the passport. I always carry a photocopy and give one to my parents, just in case.

I always take a notebook for sketches, journaling. I filled up a whole book the year I was in Spain and had so much fun reading through it again a few months back. I only wish I had written more.

For clothes, a fleece vest, windbreaker and some long johns. I don't like being cold, and hate having wind rip right through my clothes. Lots of socks, and band aids for blistered feet..

#34510 - 11/07/00 06:06 PM Re: What do YOU bring?
kk49827 Offline
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Loc: Austin, TX
I'd have to say a first aid kit is very important. You never know when you will need small band-aids, or some pills to cure what ails you.

As for the passport issue, I like to scan a copy of all the important documents and send them to myself in an e-mail. That way I can have a copy somewhere I can retrieve.

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