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#34366 - 08/22/00 02:48 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
Jen Offline

Registered: 08/01/00
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Loc: Chicago
Don't let people freak you about about the t-shirt and gym shoe thing. Perhaps it is different in Madrid, but I was just in Sevila and ALL of my Spanish friends were wearing t-shirts. It was really hot, so most were wearing sandalls, both guys and girls (or men and women -they're 25-35 yrs old). Also, it seems that, for the women, "ethnic" type clothing seemed popular, like Indian-type blouses. It seems that most of the t-shirts, too, have cool and/or funky designs on them. It's interesting, b/c when I first studied there 10 years ago, almost everyone was wearing what I like to call the Corte Ingles uniform. I've been back several times since then and it seems that each time, there have been more variations in clothing styles. However, the uniform for the middle aged-older Spanish women has remained the same, as MM described!! Like Nuria said also, either way, they'll stare at you!! (BTW Nuria, I posted a question about this- I really want to talk about this!! Maybe you can email me or something if the topic interests you)
Jaime, have fun. Bring some stuff, pack light and get some stuff there.

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#34367 - 08/22/00 08:06 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
Jaime Offline

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Thanks everyone again! This site is the best. My brother and I leave tomorrow morning. He'll spend a year and I'll only be there for the week but I know I will really enjoy myself and of course...dress in style. Thanks so much, Jaime

#34368 - 10/04/00 06:57 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
Leche Offline

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If you're an older guy and you want to fit in in Spain it's very simple. Just get a boina and a pair of bedroom slippers and go for a walk through the park! Seriously...walk up to any standard zapateria and you'll see that they are selling plaid bedroom slippers as shoes. I found this to be extremely amusing.


#34369 - 07/02/01 02:28 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
MadridMan Offline

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I dug out this old/ancient thread to help shed some light (literally!) on what Spaniards wear, especially in the summer.

Visit and take a LIVE look at the what the passing-by Spaniards in Madrid are wearing through a new live cam looking down over the BILBAO metro stop and terraza.

So far this hour (8pm in Madrid), I've only seen one person wearing shorts and he was wearing gym shoes and carrying two gym bags. Many women in skirts, but most everyone wearing jeans or other long pants and I understand Madrid is HOT these days! eek

At first I thought this live cam was boring, but I enjoy imagining myself looking out the window of some café with a café con leche and simply people-watching.

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#34370 - 07/08/01 08:47 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
karenwishart Offline

Registered: 12/23/00
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Loc: York,PA,USA
Ijust got back from 2 weeks in Spain, Madrid and north/northwest. It was very hot when we first arrived and yes, everyone wears little tanks and spaghetti strap tops. Anyone going soon can count on great sales and lots of cute colorful tops, especially for younger girls and their size XL is more like a M in the US unless you go to a more "missy" shop/boutique w/numbered sizes.Solid pants (and capris especially in Madrid) and alsoshort colorful skirts and skirts that fall below the knees w/little flared or asymetrical hemlines were popular too. I had a longish flared skirt that I rolled up in my tote for some days that I did wear walking shorts and I quick pulled it on in the car to visit a village church or go in a shop. I did notice..come July 1st..alot changed, which I'll mention elsewear. The proportion of tourists greatly increased the #'s of shorts to be seen and people seemed to accept that as part of the invasion.We loved dressing up at night in little dresses w/a shawl or cardigan for the evening stroll and a drink and tapas then dinner. It stayed lite til 10PM and it was always midnight by the time you get finished so a little coverup oif some sort was necessary.

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#34371 - 07/15/01 09:28 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
Majesty318 Offline

Registered: 12/16/00
Posts: 266
Loc: New Jersey, USA
I saw many shorts on my recent trip. Granted, I would definitely say for women skirts were more common, and the only girls I saw wearing shorts were around my age (22) or younger. Lots of guys my age and younger in shorts, definitely more than girls, which is not fair! And lots of capri pants for both sexes -- they are not nearly so common for guys here in the US.

#34372 - 07/16/01 07:37 AM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
sheba Offline

Registered: 08/20/00
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Loc: Minneapolis, MN USA

from what i´ve noticed, the typical young spanish girl has on a bra with clear straps, a colorful polyester tank-style top, and very tight pants that typically match the polyester top in color and hug the hips. very tight (usually tailored)pants and some kind of foot-binding like heels. but most of them look like they have had a rib or two removed, as they have very tiny waists and almost absolutely no butt. if you are over a size 8, you will have a tough time finding clothes in stores as everything is designed with this in mind. (oh, and if you´re wearing white pants, you should wear a white thong.) they are wearing their hair straight (no perms), just like most fashionable young Americans and very little makeup, but lots of perfume. if all this doesn´t help, just look at any teen magazine like Sassy, and you´ll get the drift.

There are of course people in Madrid who do not fit this stereotype, but they are generally few and far between and constantly stared at like they just came from outerspace.

#34373 - 07/19/01 10:20 PM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
CAN14 Offline

Registered: 06/04/01
Posts: 38
Loc: Ottawa, Canada
Sheba, you are so right. We just came from Spain and it was my boyfriend that was shocked by how tight the clothing was. The plastic strap bra was a must. Even if you were wearing a tube top you wear one of these otherwise it is very taboo. I managed to blend in with just a few sun dresses and peddle pushers. Nobody should bring dress shoes with them. Buy them there. I could have brought home a bag full of nothing but amazing shoes.

#34374 - 07/20/01 07:00 AM Re: What kind of clothes do Spaniards wear
karenwishart Offline

Registered: 12/23/00
Posts: 299
Loc: York,PA,USA
By the way girls..I purchased one of those plasic strap must haves for $15 in Palencia.(compared to $25 plus at Vic Secrets

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