Video: quitar la ˝

Posted by: Crisco

Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/15/10 02:33 PM

This youtube spoof of suggestions for dropping the use of the ˝ is circulating amongst teachers in the States! Enjoy!

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Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/15/10 09:39 PM

I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing that, Crisco! :thumbup: How funny and educational too!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/16/10 08:50 AM

hahaha very good one, better keep it or might cause a world problem ::)
Posted by: Sheryl

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/17/10 07:44 PM

This debate actually took place over 10 years ago at the European Congress...Professor Manuel Alvar, Presidente de la Real Academia Espa˝ola, had to defend the use of the ˝ because, specifically, the French wanted it removed. He won...
Posted by: teachertraveler8

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/18/10 07:28 AM

Tell me more about the debate, was it to remove the ene entirely or just from the keyboard? I guess I could try to look it up, too.
Posted by: Sheryl

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/18/10 10:17 AM

The French wanted to remove the ˝ from keyboards (computers and the like) stating it was useless. Alvar, during his presentation, explained that removing the ˝ was the same as removing Spain...since Espa˝a...espa˝ol...all have the ˝. In short, they would be eliminating the existence and essence of Spain and the Spanish language.
Amazingly, the French never considered it a problem to have the š on the keyboard!
Posted by: Crisco

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/18/10 02:15 PM

Recently (Nov 2010) the Real Academia made some interesting changes about the pronunciation of the letter 'Y', no accents on the word solo and the demonstrative pronouns este....

The youtube video is great and just a fun way to let students watch/listen to what happens to Spanish words when the ˝ is dropped!!

In the past I had a problem using the computers in internet cafÚs in Spain-it took me much longer to type because of the position of accents on the keyboard! Now I bring my own laptop.
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/19/10 06:37 AM

Actually the European Commission has a low key working committee to come up with a language for all members to use. Right try to buy an electronic equipment here and it comes in two books of warranty and to do list in all 27 languages !!!

Have not heard much after that on what is the status of the work. Maybe each Academy is now working on reshaping their words to make it more standard for all. Long way to go and lots of headers , we have other more important things to worry about.
Posted by: Sheryl

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/19/10 01:37 PM

Part of the problem may be that the European keyboard is different than ours. Frankly, I still use the "old ascii" system...using Alt + the proper codes.
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 12/19/10 01:54 PM

of course its different, I have used both, and at first it takes a bit of getting use to and then all seems the same for me at least.
Posted by: eskimo joe

Re: Video: quitar la ˝ - 01/13/11 11:12 AM

Even within Europe , there are different keyboards, I know from personal experience the UK, Spanish and Norweigan ones are all different.