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Posted by: jacmom

Cambridge test administrator - 03/07/15 05:57 PM

Does anyone have any knowledge about how in demand test administrators are for Cambridge? Do they work a lot, how is the pay, are they generally employed by a school or company and/or freelance? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Cambridge test administrator - 03/08/15 05:56 PM

Hi, jacmom! Are you asking about the Cambridge Exams throughout Spain or just in Madrid? I believe they have offices throughout the country, but the biggest one and the headquarters is in Madrid.

I can tell you that if you have residency - which is a requirement of some type, there is work to be had, but only in the springtime. The pay is about 25 Euros per hour and one might work an average of 2 to 3 hours per exam, but only a few exams per week unless you are available every day of the week.

The Cambridge Exams are generally administered by the BEDA program and it is BEDA (FERE-CECA) which employ/pay the examiners, not the schools.

While I'm not certain, I believe foreigners with a student visa can work a certain number of hours per week/month.

I can also tell you that the training period for most Cambridge Exams is nearly over so if you know someone wink who wants to get in, they'd better apply immediately.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Cambridge test administrator - 03/11/15 10:37 AM

Thanks! This is jacmom's daughter borrowing her account now:

Thanks for the info. I've interviewed for the BEDA auxiliares program and was hoping to also do something with the Cambridge exams in Madrid if I am hired for there. So I will look for it for this coming Spring! Here's hoping I can be an auxiliar!