Paypal".com" vs. Paypal".ES" anyone using ".ES?"

Posted by: colenot

Paypal".com" vs. Paypal".ES" anyone using ".ES?" - 03/01/12 08:37 AM

Hey everyone,

I work online and some of my websites promote affiliate programs that pay me through

Usually, I will just transfer that money from to my US bank account, then use my debit card to withdraw cash in Madrid.

With my US Paypal account, I am not able to add my spanish bank account.

So, I'm wondering if Paypal.ES works the same way and if I can hook up my Caja Madrid account to my account.

Anyone know or have any issues in regards to this?


Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Paypal".com" vs. Paypal".ES" anyone using ".ES?" - 03/05/12 05:44 PM

I'm using the same US-based site since before moving to Spain. And since moving here, I've been able to add my company's Spanish bank account to it - but that was years ago. Maybe they've changed their policy since then(?). Or maybe it depends on your residency. Maybe you have to have residency in Spain in order to use the .COM and add your Spanish bank account. I don't recall, colenot, do you have Spanish residency? If not, that may be the reason for the problem.

I can log-in to the site, but after I do, it immediately forwards me to the site since, I guess, I chose that as my default site.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: colenot

Re: Paypal".com" vs. Paypal".ES" anyone using ".ES?" - 03/25/12 01:27 AM

Thanks for answering. I do have Spanish residency, but it wasn't required for opening up the Spanish

I ended up opening a free account and added my Spanish banking account to it. With companies that pay me through paypal, I'll just have to switch to the new email that I used to register for the Spanish account.

Technically, I can't merge the two accounts or transfer the money from my US paypal account to my Spanish paypal account. Guess I'll just keep the old account open and use the balance when I need to.

Posted by: pedmar

Re: Paypal".com" vs. Paypal".ES" anyone using ".ES?" - 03/28/12 10:19 AM

they know, .com is not Spain so automatically switch over. I have the same quirk when open my old sites, they are somehow turn into French hehehe, those big brother rascals.


ps by the way dont use paypal.