Please recommend job agencies

Posted by: pajo2

Please recommend job agencies - 06/09/11 06:29 AM

What job agencies are best for English speakers with no Spanish who are looking for work.

I do not have a trade so would be relying on finding work in the areas below

call center, construction(labouring, industrial or factory work

I realise things are bad in Spain at the moment but if anyone knows of anything please let me know

Posted by: steve robinson

Re: Please recommend job agencies - 06/09/11 12:25 PM

Call centres are a possibility .. though if you look in the English language magazines about 90%of jobs for ex-pats will be teaching English . To be able to get that work you'd have to , at least , study for a TEFL certficate . I studied in Madrid on a 1 month intensive course ( it cost about €700 ) . Teaching , like most jobs in Spain , does not pay well . You could look at anything between 15 and 25 Euros per hour . Teaching privately can be the best way , rather than going through a language school where they will take a cut .
Another option , maybe , is to consider bar work . Many of the Irish bars are looking for Irish born bar staff , though you'd have to learn a bit of Spanish. Pubs such as the James Joyce or O´Neill´s have a high turn over of temporary staff .
James Joyce in Calle Alcalá is completely Irish run . The manager is a great publican ( from Dublin I think ) called Matthew .
Posted by: pajo2

Re: Please recommend job agencies - 06/11/11 10:02 AM

Thanks Steve,

I thought teaching english and barwork would be the easiest ways for people to get started in Spain alright but I dont want to do barwork if I can help it and teaching English doesnt suit me at all.

I might try Manpower etc when I get there and see if they have anything else