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Posted by: cjones10

Student Visa - 04/11/11 11:47 AM

Hi I am in the process of trying to plan a trip to Spain and I need some help with this next part.

I would like to go to Spain this Summer and live with a family (helps with not having to pay for living). I would be in Bilbao and Marbella for 3 months.

I know those three months are covered by the tourist visa but I would like to stay an additional 3 months.

For the next 3 months I would be stationed in Madrid. Again living with a family but now that I would be traveling around I can take spanish classes.

So what I would like to do is to live with a second family and try to get a student visa.

I found on the forum somewhere the free classes for foreigners through ayuamiento? and the cheap classes through the Jesuit school.

My question is can i use these classes (preferably the free ones since Im on a tight budget) to apply for the student visa? Is that allowed since I don't pay any tuition?

Also would the consulate let me be a tourist for 3 months and then a student for the next three?

Thanks for any help you can provide!!
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Re: Student Visa - 04/11/11 01:38 PM

Cjones 10

Are you also posting your question on other sites? A lot of the users here are either there for a week or so or permanent residents.
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Re: Student Visa - 04/14/11 10:39 AM

There is so much on that today, that the best qualify answer should come from the schools, embassies, etc. As do not know from where you are cant be more precise.
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Re: Student Visa - 04/15/11 11:44 AM

First, what's your nationality? Your I.P. address says you're in the Boston, USA area. So you are American? If so, you can almost always get approved for a 3-month tourist "visa" extension, a total of 6-months. How to do that? Good question. Spain's Consulate Website for Boston. If you find that too vexing, simply call them (but be prepared to be put on hold - and take the Semana Santa Holiday into account too. Surely their offices will be closed - at least - on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: steve robinson

Re: Student Visa - 05/16/11 06:38 AM

This really doesn't answer your question , and I'm certainly not advocating breaking the law , but I studied for a teaching certificate in Madrid ( I'm English ) with many Americans , Canadians , Aussies , South Africans etc.... Many of them had easily overstayed their visas with no problem . I talked with one American guy who'd been in Madrid for over 1 year . He travelled back to The States a few times and was never questioned by airport security . I had that same story from many other friends from across the pond and Down Under . I thinkthat as long as you're not accepting benefits from The State system and that you can prove ( if needed )financial security then the rules can be "manipulated " .