Laundry on the Road

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Laundry on the Road - 07/06/14 09:39 AM

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Having been faced with that particular headache too many times, a quick search turned up the following:

Yes, Colada Express is a franchise and they are all over Spain!!

Locations here:
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yes indeed more and more I have seen thoser around,there used to be a time they were none ::) now they are many.
time to do the dirty part ::)
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If in Madrid it's easy and fun ! I stayed for a total of about 8 weeks in hostales that , of course , didn't offer laundry services but there are plenty of of small , what we call in the UK , Laundrettes in Madrid . They are everywhere ! And it costs just a few Euros . I loved it because you go there and meet so many people .... You can , of course , just leave for the half an hour or so that the wash lasts and return to put your laundry into the dryer . And the one I used to use in Huertas offered an ironing servicing at very little charge . The little independant Lavaderias are excellent and a real experience smile Totally recommend them smile
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Admiral,, glad you found and liked the Colada Expres chain of laundromats in Santiago de Compostela.

As Puna mentions above, this is a chain of laundromats spreading far and wide and even I've used them for big items like comforters or heavy blankets. The outfit has big washers and big dryers and is pretty affordable, too. They're mostly in the big cities, however.

Saludos, MadridMan
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During this trip, so far I have used EcoLaundry in Oviedo. They have a very similar set up to the one at Colorado Express. The washing machines are great. The dispense detergent and softener automatically so you don't have to buy these things. The wash is good and the dry quick without baking your clothing. Will be looking for them as this trip continues. I only travel with carry on luggage, do not check any bags, so need to wash clothes several times during a long trip.