Madrid: getting football tickets

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Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/19/03 06:05 PM


I see this topic has already been posted for Sevilla... Anyone know where in Madrid to get Real tickets? Stadium? When? I hope to see the first game of the season, against Betis. Will they be sold out? In case they are not, can someone who is familiar with S. Bernabeu tell me which seats to get? I don't want to be with the real wild fans, rather with families with kids. How much can I expect to pay for a ticket like that?

Thanks everyone.
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/21/03 05:01 AM

Tickets can now be bought by credit card over the phone. See for more info. If this is not possible for you,then you need to go to the stadium a couple of days before the game. If they have any tickets for general sale you can get them at the Taquillas at the southern end of the ground. You will be offered tickets by touts as you walk there, dont buy until you visit the taquillas to see if its sold out. If it is, then you can either take a chance with the touts, ( it is possible you will be refused entry if you have a ticket belonging to a Socio who has given up his ticket for the game, though unlikely, if you go in when it's buy at the turnstile), or try localidades-galicia, a ticket agency just off Pureta del carmen, near Sol.

Anywhere in the ground except the bottom tier of the southern end will be ok for you, derends what you want to pay really.

I'm gonna have to start charging for my footy advice wink wink
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/22/03 09:39 AM

Even better, you an go to they sell Madrid tickets on-line if you want to buy them ahead of time. I never used the site but it seems legit. They also have
tickets for Barca, Mallorca, Atletico, Espanyol and Valencia games. Unfortunately, I won't be in Madrid when Real play at home, so I will be trying to catch the Sevilla - Depor game. Either way, watching a live Liga game is awesome whether it's Real or not.

Actually, I checked ou the site a little closer and it says they will only deliver the tickets to an address in Madrid. Also, when you go to the credit card entry page, it says your using a secured connection, but there is no lock in the browser and the URL doesn't say https which would imply your using a SSL secure connection. So, on second thought I would recommend against using the site, unless you want to have your credit card stolen over the Internet!
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/22/03 02:58 PM

:o The cheapest ticket is 200 euros!!! Is that normal or is this site suspicious!? I was expecting around 40-50 euro for half-ass decent seats. 200 is ridiculous! I think I'm just going to run by the stadium next Thursday and see what is on offer. Thanks for the help everyone.
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/24/03 07:51 AM

I paid 15 euros last season for tickets in the top tier behind the goal, youd probably only pay double that from a tout outside. Good luck, I was thinking about going myself as we will be in La Mata, but cant make it there and back same day by train. Looks like some Div 2 stuff at Elx again.... frown
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 08/27/03 06:25 AM

If you go down to the stadium on the day of the game as soon as the ticket office opens, usually at about 10-11 am, gate 42 on calle Concha Espina, there will be plenty of touts but do not buy off these as you will no doubt be ripped off.Last season we bought tickets in the tribuna section for 45 euro (£28), excellent seats plus Real beat Malaga 5-1, outside the touts were charging 50 euro for the 15 euro top tier seats. If you speak Spanish then you could also try the caja madrid number 902 324 324 about a week before the game, if it's Beckham's debut you might have trouble getting them though smile
Hala Madrid
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/26/03 09:25 AM

Not sure if this is going to be of any use, the Caja Madrid phone number listed previously will only take Spanish-based credit cards (they wouldn´t accept my English one). I went to the Bernabeu last Tuesday to get tickets for yesterday´s game with Racing, and I was told to come back on Friday! With the use of someone else´s credit card, I did manage to use the credit card hotline and got 2 tickets for 15 euros each (4th tier, but at least it was dry up there & Real won!!!). There were plenty of seats empty though. Non-members can only purchase tickets in the week leading up to the game you wish to go to. Haven´t tried getting tickets for Atletico, that´s next on my agenda!
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/26/03 11:45 AM

The Real Madrid / Racing game was great yesterday. I was lucky to have free tickets up high enough to stay dry - and even won the pool on the score that I had with a bunch of friends. Two goals by Real in the last 5 mins of play!
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/26/03 01:25 PM

How did you manage to get free tickets? Always like to find this sort of info out. One thing I was disappointed in (used to watching 1st division football in England) was the lack of atmosphere - for the amount of people there I thought it should have been a bit more noisy! Is it always that quiet?
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/26/03 02:55 PM

My company has a palco (lux box) and got them thru work. get to go pretty often this way,
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/27/03 06:36 AM

Why do I never work for companies like that??? Any jobs going there?
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/27/03 08:31 AM

The atmosphere at Real Madrid is shocking for a club of their size, go the Vicente Calderon and see Atletico play there is a fantastic atmosphere there.
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/30/03 03:22 PM

It is quiet compared to most Div 1 grounds Hornet. As for Vicarage Road though.....
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Re: Madrid: getting football tickets - 10/31/03 10:55 AM

Have to admit Vicarage Road ain´t exactly a hotbed of football noise, but we do generate a bit more noise than Real Madrid! And there´s not as many of us!