Out& About in Madrid

Posted by: aine

Out& About in Madrid - 08/07/02 01:59 PM

Hi i'm a twenty year old female student moving to Madrid in September for a year. Just tryin to get a feel for what kind of nitelife is there in Madrid.Any ideas on how I would go about meeting other students (aka fellow reprobates) in the Madrid area?
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/07/02 03:32 PM

Are you then studying as well as working the no-pay job or just hoping to meet other local students? I think you'll find many English-speaking students in Madrid. At our last "Party With MadridMan: Version 4.0" last spring we had a couple women/girls from one of the "American" schools. Plus, if you can attend some of the other non-MadridMan-attending message board member gatherings there I'm sure you'll meet a number of Spaniards with whom you may form friendships. Did you say you spoke Spanish??

Madrid is WELL KNOWN for having a thriving nightlife culture. And if you're there in September you can start right away! In fact, if you go alone, walking through Huertas or Plaza Santa Ana there's a good chance you'll meet some people just by chance.

Have fun and good luck! Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Andrés

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/07/02 05:22 PM

The point is that there is not a kind of nitelife but many of them. What is going on in Chueca, for example, has nothing to do with what is going on at barrio de Salamanca, Huertas, La Latina.......... If you said what kind of atmosphere attracts you we would be able to recommend you some neighborhoods or places.

Posted by: stacey

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/08/02 12:02 PM

Has anyone gone on the walking wine tour or I call it the "tapa drunk tour?" I went on a booze cruize when I was in Hawaii and you could have all the drinks you wanted until you docked. That was fun. I was thinking about squeezing that in. I will be only spending a short 4 day stay in Madrid. Anyway, where are some good places to go, I will be staying on the Grand Via and don't mind traveling a bit since I am a New Yorker, presently in San Francisco. rolleyes Stacey
Posted by: aine

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/08/02 05:11 PM

Hi. Didn't mean to imply that Madrid was anything less than fantastico. To be more specific : I do speak spanish( its part of my degree) but I could do with a lot of practice. I enjoy drinkin (sociably), cheesy music, r&b, uk garage and pop, Basically I want to get out and meet people and to have a laugh. I'm open to suggestion on the MANY different places there are to go out in Madrid
Posted by: Andrés

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/10/02 06:14 AM

Ummmmhh, why don´t you try the international party. Thursday night, Palacio de Gaviria . There are people from all around the world living in Madrid in this event, Spaniards as well.
As for your music tastes I am unable to help you, I am another victim of the Caribbean rythims and dances that have invaded Madrid: Merengue, Salsa and Bachata, addictive stuff.

Good luck!
Posted by: stacey

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/12/02 02:26 PM

Thanks, Andres', the Palacio Gaviria looks like a really cool place. I am going on Thursday, August 29, 2002. smile See you there.
Posted by: Kaella

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/15/02 12:07 PM

Aine, I'll be studying in Madrid from sept-jan. I go to BC and will be there with 40 other BC students. We can meet up in Madrid sometime. I also speak Spanish. Email me and we can set a date to meet.
Posted by: CaliBasco

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/16/02 02:33 AM

I don't know what all you "nightlifers" are referring to. I found Madrid to be very boring at night. Is it normal for the streets to be almost barren by nine o'clock?

Oh, I'm sorry, I was referring to nine o'clock A.M.... New York may be immortalized in song as the "city that never sleeps", but Madrid is truly the "city that not only never sleeps, but never even stops for a breath".
Posted by: Andrés

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/20/02 07:57 PM

Stacey, 29th Palacio de Gavaria sounds good to me.
The big question: Do you know how to dance? cool

Posted by: stacey

Re: Out& About in Madrid - 08/21/02 11:28 AM

Yes, I do like to go dancing, Andre. I am a party girl! I like big parties and cities. rolleyes There is a Black & White Party here in San Francisco every other year. The streets are blocked off for 5 blocks. All the restaurants get into the action and there are many bands and music. It is so much fun. laugh There are so many people. Other holidays bring a hugh crowd of people down to the waterfront. I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow. cool I'll see you there on the 29th at Palacio de Gavaria. cool I'm taking your walksofspain tour on August 31, so I'll see you before then. I may bring another MM member who now lives in Madrid. I'll definitely keep in touch.