Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)

Posted by: Marie

Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 06/30/00 10:02 PM

I am spending a week or so in Madrid in late July with a friend and we are very concerned about money - we are broke, basically. We have Hostal Lopez (thank god) and now we need to figure out how we will eat. We want to experience Spanish culture and of course the wonderful food but we are hoping that all of you experienced Madrid travelers will know of places to eat that are good but inexpensive. Any ideas?

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Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 06/30/00 11:17 PM

Hi Marie! Even if you DO want to save money, I beg you NOT to ONLY eat at McDonald's!! PLEASE!!!! I might recommend going to one of the many Museo del Jamon bar/eateries. (URLs: & ) You'll also find that El Brillante, another bar/eatery located next to the Reina Sofía museum is an excellent place for sandwiches.

Also, the fine people at Hostal Lopez will be able to direct you to some of the best and inexpensive places near the hostel and in Madrid I'm sure.

Have a great time!! Saludos, MadridMan
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Posted by: Eddie

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/01/00 08:48 AM

I generally travel 'on the cheap' in Spain: If breakfast isn't included in the lodging price I find a churreria and have chocolate (or cafe) con churros for breakfast. Midday is my big meal, as it is for most Spanish people. One of my favorites is Amarillo, a taverna on C/ Mayor across from Madrid City Hall (Ayuntamiento). The cook is Asturiana and she prepares some hearty meals. Figure on about ESP 1.100 (includes pan y vino).
For the evening I 'make do' with some tapas y un chato de vino or una canya de cerveza.

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Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/01/00 12:55 PM

Marie, Eddie ALWAYS has great ideas!
Unless you're staying in a nice hotel chances are not good that your breakfast will be included (or even offered). As Eddie says, find a churería (many bars, which often open early, serve coffee an churros) and have yourself a café con leche and churros.

As Eddie says, lunch (most often served between 1 or 2pm-4pm) is the largest meal of the day and you won't have ANY problem finding a LARGE meal, Menú del Dia, where you'll pay around ESP 1,100 (about $7 US) per person. This may sound like a lot if you're on a SUPER tight budget, but dinner could probably be even less if you order drinks and get a free tapa. More and more you have to pay for tapas in the more popular tapas bars, but they're not too expensive. The Museo del Jamon places are great and you ALWAYS get a free tapa with a beer/wine. If you just order a Coca-cola I DON'T think they serve you a free tapa, but the beer/wine is really cheap in Spain.

Eddie, I see the Catalán influence in your Spanish. "CanYa"??? hehehe.. ("caña in castellano) I suppose you spell "catalunya" for cataluña too, right?

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Diana

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/01/00 03:11 PM

Hola, Marie!

Madridman and Eddie have given you some good advice, and now I’d like to add some of mine!

Chocolate y churros is a great breakfast, but you can also try café con leche and a croissant a la plancha con mermelada (split croissant toasted on a grill with jam), which is out-of-this-world delicious, and lighter than the c. y c., which my stomach finds easier to take as a merienda (late afternoon snack) than as a breakfast. You can also try eating a bocadillo for breakfast. (Actually, you can eat a bocadillo just about any time!) A bocadillo is a sandwich made out of baguette-type bread (called una barra de pan, or, in some areas of Madrid, una pistola), and you can get a variety of stuffings in it. A real staple for travelers in Spain is the tortilla de patatas (aka tortilla española), a delicious potato omelette, which you can get as a pincho (small piece), ración (larger slice), or on a bocadillo. Every bar/cafetería/restaurante has tortilla, or can make it quickly, all day. It’s also real cheap.

As Madridman noted, you want to stay away from the McDonald’s, (yes, the Big Mac tastes exactly the same everywhere), but also stay away from establishments geared toward tourists that sell “platos combinados.” These platos have several types of extemely greasy, high protein foods together on one plate. (Example: two deep fried eggs, two strips of thick bacon or chorizo sausage, and a pile of oil soaked french fries.) I can’t tell you how many people have told me they didn’t care much for Spanish food because that’s what they ate because it was cheap! When you’re going to eat a real meal in a restaurant, which you really should do once a day, go to a real restaurant and order two dishes - a primer plato (a soup, vegetable, rice, egg, or pasta dish) and a segundo plato (meat of fish). The menú del día, a set menu offered at all restaurants, tending to be well-priced and made with super fresh ingredients, will consist if these two courses, a dessert (often fruit), and wine or water.

This may sound crazy, but one of the ways we would find a good cheap restaurant in Spain in the years I lived there was to watch where the construction workers went to eat. They always go to the one with the best home cooking at the lowest price! We were never disappointed.

You should also go to restaurants that are filled with locals, no matter what it looks like. About seven years ago a big German study came out that reported that the number one most important aspect of life for Spaniards was food. I believe it! Spanish food is, in my opinion, the best in the world, and Spaniards are demanding when it comes to quality of food. Also, Spanish restaurants are required to post a menu outside so you can check it out before you go in - a good way to check prices.

One more quick thing (I could go on forever on this topic...) - consider buying bread at the local panadería in the morning, and a chunk of Spanish cheese and some fresh fruit at the local grocery store, and carry them with you. Just remember to pack a knife!

¡Que aproveche!
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/01/00 04:57 PM

WOW! Diana, you are my goddess! Thanks for the WONDERFUL and knowledgeable reply! I agree, Spanish food *IS* the best in the world.

One afternoon, starving to death and doing my usual touring of the city, recording for the next version of MadridMan's Madrid Video , I found a place on a narrow street a few blocks northeast of the Puerta del Sol called Cafetería Hnos. (Hermanos) Santiago on Calle Aduana, 27 (east of C/ de la Montera). It was a small, unassuming place with a narrow doorway, but with businessmen streaming in and out. They posted the Menú del Dia on the chalkboard outfront for ESP 950 and so I went in. I immediately thought it was ONLY a bar where lunch was served at the 4 or 5 2-person tables alongside the bar.

I asked to have a table and was they were all full (which they were) and that I'd have to wait. Well, most of us know that Spaniards LOVE to eat and they take their time! (great custom, by the way)

I must have waited 15 minutes and my hunger turned to desperation, but the beer and free tapa at the bar helped in the meanwhile. Just when I was about to go BACK to the Museo del Jamon, the waitress led me to a BACKROOM! It was small, but had 10 fullsized tables and a white-ish pink-ish marble floor. Seemed to me they were only allowing these tables for groups, but as the lunch-crowd finished and left I got a 4-person table to myself. AND THE FOOD WAS GREAT!!!!! It started with a HUGE plate of long macaroni pasta with tomato sauce and shaved mozarella cheese (along with bread, and a half-bottle of red table wine of course). I was nearly full after this, but then came the large chicken filet and fried potatoes. Finally, I was served fruit and cream with coffee.

WOW!!! I was SO full and buzzing from the strong red table wine that I joyfully paid the bill, staggered out the door, and made my way to the Plaza Mayor where I sat below a lightpost, writing all about "the food experience for ESP 950" in my journal until the fuzzy head cleared and my bulging stomach eased.

So, in short, GREAT food at GREAT prices can be found throughout Madrid and Spain - even at highway bar/restaurants!!

Saludos, MadridMan
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Posted by: Diana

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/01/00 10:41 PM

Madridman, your experience at Hnos. Santiago is one I wish everyone could have! Spain is full of great little restaurants like it. They're all over - you just have to look for them! One of the best I ever ate at was part of a gasoline station on the road to Teruel. Here I thought we were going to eat badly, and now one of my favorite recipes is one I made up based on something I ate there. Hey - what about making a list of the ones people find on their stays in Madrid? It would be a great resource for people visiting, not only those on a budget, but those who just plain like good Spanish food in a comfortable setting. Hnos. Santiago can be a start, and I'd add one called Restaurante Miramar, which is on a side street just off Bravo Murillo - east side - close to metro Tetuan. I haven't been there for about 5 years (I'm on the wrong side of the gran charco now), but we went there a lot for many years before that, and it was great - and super cheap!

And, since you're advertising cookbooks, I'll add my favorite, which my mom found on a bargain table at a US bookstore: The Heritage of Spanish Cooking, by Alicia Rios and Lourdes March. You should get it, Madridman! Not only are the recipes excellent, the book is filled with gorgeous Spanish paintings of food, and it's filled with fascinating information about food in Spain!
Posted by: nicholas

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/08/00 04:27 AM

i'll add my favorite secret find story to the list. one of the very best meals i ever ate was when i was in toledo, and completley at random.
i had gone there early on a very cold morning. (it was february)along with my regular clothes and pea coat i had on flannel long underwear. well these things drove me nuts all morning. i was wandering through the cathedral and though "blah, i have to get these things off!!" lucky for me my tummy started growling at that time (1:30) so i away from the cathedral i went and down a hill towards the back end of the juderia. i ducked into what i thought was a small bar but turned out to be a little restaurant with three tables. while i waited i went into the restroom to get rid of the purgatory clothing. the restroom was so small i couldn't stand up in it. anyway, i came back out and was served consome, ensalada judias blancas, and cordoniz escabeche with wine and bread. all for esp 1000. ah twas grand. i just wish i could remember the name of the place!!! =(
Posted by: megia

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/08/00 01:30 PM



i just wanted to throw in my "duro" for what it's worth...

this thread of posts is full of GREAT information, especially from MadridMan, Diana and Eddie. thanks, chavales....

for a while when i first got to madrid i had to choose between eating and buying a metro ticket (to get to work), so i had to live very cheaply!

my favourite is to go to a local panaderia and buy a couple of pistolas (long thin breads - like subway sandwich bread) for about 7 duros (35 pesetas). next i would go to mercadona, which i found to be much cheaper than other chains or smaller mom and pop shops (although i'd rather support the mom and pop), and buy fresh fruit, mermelada (marmalade), a lunk of manchego curado, and a few lonchas (slices) of jamon serrano. this you could buy for less than 1000 pesetas and carry with you all day and not refrigerate it. the jamon and the cheese are the most expensive, but they can also last the longest (like you would only buy it every other day).

in general, you will not save money by going out to eat. mcdonald's is not cheap. pizza hut is not cheap. restaurants are really not cheap. but i agree with the others that it is a great experience to go out to eat, and i especially LOVE diana's suggestion to follow construction workers to where they would go to eat because they do prefer comida casera (homestyle foods), and they will know the place to go.

i prefer to eat in parks (next to the palacio real in the garden - others say this park is dangerous ???), or at the university, where, by the way, they have a cafeteria that is cheap and has VERY traditional and good spanish food. i'm talking about the facultad de sciencias at the poli-tecnica (ciudad universitaria in arguelles-moncloa).

anyway, good luck and may you eat cheaply!

¡que aproveche!

ps> i wanted to add that you can eat at the university cafeterias for 500 pesetas and you really get a good meal out of it...

pps> whoops! i'm an idiot@! i just read the last part of diana's post (i didn't read the whole thing..) and realize i just restated her last paragraph... sorry diana!

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Posted by: JARABOAN

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/09/00 01:11 PM

Cheap places:

Almendro 13
Cava de Pedro in the same street.
Meson de Paredes 12, Antonio Sanchez Tavern.
Posted by: pizzi

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 07/11/00 05:46 PM

well dudes, I like your ideas. my personal favourite has always been patatin patatan, even though its probably not estilo espanol I always found prices pretty attractive, you get a meal of chips, bocadillo and a soft drink/beer for something like 750 ptas. there should be several locations and 2 I've been to are at c/goya esquina (corner) dr. esquerdo and the other at c/ibiza and c/menendez pelayo at the east side of the retiro park - just in case you should be visiting that area.... have fun, I myself will be going back in september - for some great 3 years at least :-)
suerte !
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/29/00 08:21 PM

Hi group (and Diana)! Consider this thread resurrected! You can be SURE that when I get back from Madrid (or while I'm there: Oct.2-18) I'll add A LOT to this thread and many many others!! Museo del Jamon and El Brillante, here I come!!!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Andrés

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/30/00 07:28 AM

MM I must say that "el Brillante", Museo del Jamon etc....are
OK , but why not trying a real two centuries old tavern?
I suppose you have already been there but if not you can not miss this one:

Taberna de Antonio Sanchez
Mesón de Paredes, 13
Drink: Frasca de vino Valdepeñas= beautiful
simple bottle of red wine.
Food: Tortilla de patata, callos, tapa de
solomillo and tapa de morcilla.
This place has not changed in decades as well as its prices I seem to remember tortilla de patatas was 700 pts= 3,75$


Taste Madrid with:
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 01/14/01 07:37 PM

[originally posted by rgf....]

This is the first of many tidbits I am going to pass along from my WONDERFUL 10 days in Spain in January. On Sevilla street (metro: Sevilla, a 3 minute walk from Sol) is a bar/restaurant called HONTANARES. It's been there forever, and has great churros con chocolate. But the real deal is the menu del dia (daily lunch) for only 1500 ptas, which is cheap. And what a meal!! The food is great, includes a huge carafe of red wine (or beer etc), and home made cakes/ice creams etc for dessert. Typical menus include good fish, meats, salads, etc. We ate there every day and I highly recommend the atmosphere (informal, but cloth tablecloths and halogen lights). It has one of those little neon ticker signs outside so you can't miss it, and Sevilla is a short street. Same side of street as hotel asturias.
Posted by: cantabene

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 01/15/01 10:40 AM

I don't know if it's true today. But some years ago the last resort of the penurious, hungry traveler seeking sustenance was the bocadillo de calamares--which becomes a gourmet item if you can afford a cold copa of fino to go with it.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 01/15/01 01:11 PM

PLEASE cantabene, you're killing me!! I'm having El Brillante flashbacks and stomach pangs!! ARGH!!!!
Posted by: cantabene

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 01/15/01 02:36 PM

I can understand your anguish. I suffered similarly for years, until I made a dedicated effort to master the basics of Spanish cooking.

The toughest part was finding the ingredients. Eventually I tracked down reliable sources for chorzio and morcilla. And I practiced a lot using the Penelope Casas books. Her book on paellas was a breakthrough for me. I can now boast of being able to whip up a excellent paella in minutes, thanks to Ms. Casas.

I also bought a small electric deep frier, and started buying good olive oil by the gallon. Finding moderately priced sources of fino was a challenge, but even that can be done.

Now, with some squid always in the freezer, along with some shark meat for bienmesabe, and a bottle of fino and good olives always in the fridge, I need never suffer those hunger pangs for long.

Go thou and do likewise. :-)
Posted by: Guida

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 08/03/01 07:08 AM

Thank you for the recommendations on this thread! I went to Diamantino and was great... I didn't have any trouble finding it because they were handing out leaflets outside some museums. But if I hadn't read about it here, I probably would have thought it too good to be true and wouldn't have gone there!
Thanks all!

Guida smile
Posted by: Booklady

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/05/01 09:15 PM

I'll be in Madrid for Noche Buena, what restaurant would you all recommend ? Particularly those serving roast suckling pig. A friend recomended Casa Botin in Cuchilleros.
Gracias wink
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/05/01 09:42 PM

Booklady, I don't think Casa Botín falls under the category of "Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)" ;), but you'll find some other info on this place if you use the SEARCH link above/right and type BOTIN MADRID. (psst! I'd bet Botín would be bursting at the windows on Christmas Eve)

But for Cheap Eats, I ALWAYS recommend El Brillante Bar/Eatery across from Atocha. I doubt it'll be as packed as other real restaurants. smile
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/06/01 04:40 AM

I am very fond on NOrthern food. The southern have also some great dishes, but any GAlician, Asturian, Basque, or Castilian will offer you very tasty food.

Like roasted ham, fabada (a stew with beans and sausages and more...), chorizo boiled in cider, partridge, snails, frogs' legs, wonderful fried fish, fish made in casseroles, suckling pig roasted, young lamb cottelettes or leg, steaks, shellfish,..., depending on their homeland specialities.

For roast suckling pig, in Madrid I recommend ANY castilian restaurant (it's a castilian speciality). Just check names containing Segovia (town of the roast suckling pig), asador, or Aranda (a town famous for roasts). With this premises you'll find a lot in Madrid for you to select.

I'll tell you one, not better or worse than the rest, to add a two cent's coin too:
El Segoviano, Ciudad de Barcelona Avenue number 108
Posted by: rere

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/29/01 04:39 PM

Marie, for something different try Spanish health food. There is a small store and cafe around the corner from Hostal Lopez . It's northwesterly I think. They serve 3 course healthfood meals for less than $8.oo. I ate there 4 times on my last trip. Have fun.

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Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/29/01 09:16 PM

Ouch! I'm quite impressed for the expert opinions that I have seen here. Really interesting. Yoy now more ways to eat cheap in Madrid than myself, and I'm a native :P

Of one thing I'm sure: Follow workers, bussinessmen, locals or even policemen at the lunch hours (from 1 to 3 in the afternoon) and you will never be dissapointed with the food. As Madridman said, we LOVE/ADORE to eat, and to eat good. It is our flaw point wink

There are some fast food restaurants which serve spanish food at a reasonable price: Pan's & Company and Bocatta World (bocadillos), Compañía Nacional de Cañas y Tapas (full of typical spanish food, very well done, but a little expensive maybe) and Telechef (which serves also to take away and carry to your home). Also try VIPS (specially the breakfasts, ESP 300 for two slices of bread with olive oil and tomato).

This is a true story: In Portomarín (Galicia) we were walking by the Camino de Santiago. At lunch time we saw a restaurant beside the road which cross the bridge. We saw that a couple of Guardias Civiles (it is more or less as the FBI) were parked in the restaurant. We then go into the restaurant and we have one of the cheapest and best meals I have had in my whole life.

A steak for ESP 400, a chuletón (half a kilo of meat) for ESP 600 and a churrasco (the best of the best in meat) for ESP 700. Empanada de anguilas, some other galician typical food and all very cheap and tasteful. Great!

Posted by: mick nick

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 09/30/01 04:59 AM

La Farfella on c/de Santa Maria in Huertas is the place to try.I never saw people queuing to get into a restaurant at 1.30 am before I went there and me and my wife were the only tourists in there.We ate a 3-course meal with wine , beer and water and it came to about 4000pts for the two of us in perhaps the most atmospheric restaurant in the world.
Posted by: notyor

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 12/18/01 04:13 PM

MadridMan - this has got to be the best thread I have come across on here so far!
I hope you don't mind me putting it back to the top (I'd hate those who only view topics from the last 10 days to miss out!).

I'll be writing many of these places down for my trip to Madrid in January - any more that can be added in the meantime would be much appreciated!

Where can I get the best Calamares in Madrid? (crispy NOT chewy!)
Posted by: vieve

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 12/19/01 04:22 PM

I know that it's been a while since this topic was discussed, but I'm new and would like to add my absolute favorite in Madrid... Platero... it's on calle Espoz y Mina... right off of Puerta Del Sol... last year it was 1.000 pts for the menu del dia which was incredible (soup or salad, main dish, desert and wine/water/soda). There are always olives and bread on the table and the place is run by a family... mom does the cooking, dad is the ONLY waiter, and the daughter is sometimes around to help... 'dad' will call you cielo and carino and remember you when you come back a year later... so if you don't mind spending a little extra time chatting and eating olives while you wait, it's DEFINATELY worth it!!!
Posted by: Ed S

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 12/20/01 06:38 PM

While you may not be looking for food other than Spanish, I can recommend a nice, inexpensive Italian restuarant. Looking for a change of pace last visit, we tried Nabucco at Hortaleza, 108. I came across it in a few travel guides. The pasta was excellent. We had the carbonara and the 4 cheese pasta, both under $10 and incredible. Comes close, even better than some of the dishes I had in Italy. Great pizza too. In fact we will be stopping there again in our next visit this February!

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Posted by: charlost

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 12/23/01 11:53 AM

Ed s, Nabuco is a good restaurant but in my opinion with a similar cost youll find Don Giovanni, close to Real Theather, a great place to enjoy the italian food.

About spanish food, Casa Botin is excelent. the Guiness book said that is the most antique restaurant in the world (1725)the furnace is over 300 years old eek
Posted by: viequense

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 02/05/03 01:11 PM

Ok, I have to bump this post back up to the top. I now have a long list of places to eat in Madrid.


Posted by: Marie

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 02/05/03 01:28 PM

wow! i am the original poster of this thread, way back in 2000, and i am so pleased to see how it took off. i should have responded after my trip, but allow me to say now that i had an incredible time which i still remember vividly. we did eat very cheaply, and museo del jamon was a staple location. we loved the food and had a great time. my friend did get food poisoning at el brillante, however. he also ordered a sandwich of anchovies and sardines - not a great choice, in my opinion. we also ate at Cafetería Hnos. Santiago, at madridman's suggestion, and it was wonderful (and we were buzzing from the table wine too). i remember that we ended up eating some bad touristy food in toledo, but we weren't looking very hard. all in all i remember a wonderful, exciting vacation. i can't wait to return.
this is a great site and it helped me plan my stay in madrid perfectly. thanks madridman.

Posted by: espanglish

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 02/11/03 10:03 AM

Just as an aside--James Michner said in his epic travelogue "Iberica" that any culture that can eat churros and chocolate in the morning has no need to prove its bravery in any other manner. I am just paraphrasing here since I don't have the book with me but you get the idea.

BTW, I am not knocking churros and chocolate. I love them.

Make sure you get out and try all Madrid has to offer but don't forget that you can go to most mercados and get wonderful fresh bread, cold cuts (chorizo, lomo), olives and the best fresh fruit I have ever eaten. Just don't think that you can pick up the fruit and pick out which ones you want--you're liable to get yelled at. Even if you only have a limited Spanish vocabulary you should be able to shop in a corner grocery--un cuarto de kilo de chorizo, tres manzanas get the idea. Get a decent phrase book and you are all set.
Posted by: notyor

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 02/18/17 05:40 PM

Still a great, great thread - I thought it had been about 10 years since I visited Madrid. This suggests it was even longer!

Research gives me the impression Madrid has changed little...
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 02/19/17 06:25 AM

hey welcome back! wow amazing to bring back this old thread!!!. Indeed in 10 years Madrid has not change much; I go way back so for me it has....back there in August again lol!
Posted by: Espanvol

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 10/10/17 11:50 PM

Is Casa Mingo still operating near Principe Pio?
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 10/11/17 01:22 PM

of course alive and kicking at Casa Mingo ::)
Posted by: esperanza

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 03/11/18 07:35 PM

I love Casa Mingo! And to go across the street to see Goya's Pantheon
San Antonio de la Florida
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 08/12/18 05:03 AM

I have to admit that I'm kind of put-off by Casa Mingo now. The lines to get in are sometimes prohibitively long, the service isn't that good anymore (rush, rush, rush) and, well, roasted chicken, beer chorizo, salad and cider is a bit boring. Maybe it's okay to try once because of the place alone - AND ONLY IF you can get a table downstairs. If they put you upstairs, it's defeating the whole purpose of the visit. No reservations OR CREDIT CARDS accepted, as I recall. Parking can be a REAL challenge too and it's not city-center either so reaching it will take some effort, going first to Principe Pio and then walking. The prices aren't bad, but I wouldn't put it in the "Cheap Eats" category.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid) - 08/14/18 04:11 PM

Casa Mingo is falling pray to its years of popularity like many other places do. I just hope they stay open for the sake of history and not another one of those goners in Madrid.