Northern Spain

Posted by: Hector

Northern Spain - 01/18/15 02:55 PM

Here we come again, this time northern Spain, San Sebastian, Pamploma and the Pyrenees. Anyone been to Arties in the mountains? Any must sees in that area? Thanks as always, Hector
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Re: Northern Spain - 01/18/15 09:59 PM

Last summer, we went to Bilbao, Lekeitio (a small fishing village), San Sebastian, and Barcelona. I would highly recommend any of them, but perhaps Lekeitio in particular. I enjoy traveling to parts of Spain that don't have a lot of tourists. Lekeitio is beautiful and remote. Our favorite of the four was San Sebastian. We only spent 4 days there and I wish we had stayed longer. Enjoy the North!
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Re: Northern Spain - 01/19/15 04:49 AM

San Sebastian/Donostia is wonderful of course, casco viejo is greaat. Pamplona is very typical and will enjoy it more outside the encierro dates. Pyrénées I was there this past summer and many other times in my life always magical, some cities like Jaca, Candanchu,and picos de Europa area.Andorra and over France at Bagnéres de Luchon is great too,not been on Arties past by it on vielha ,but its in a nice area should be ok

Enjoy it
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Re: Northern Spain - 01/21/15 10:03 AM

San Sebastian overview and tour here -

Not a self plug but .... smile
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Re: Northern Spain - 01/25/15 02:11 PM

hahaha good one Puna ::)
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Re: Northern Spain - 02/05/15 08:44 AM

Valencia done; Sevilla almost done then Bilbao ...
Saying I love the client is an understatement.
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Re: Northern Spain - 02/08/15 09:32 AM

enjoy the travels ::)