Avanza bus in Barajas

Posted by: SalaChic

Avanza bus in Barajas - 03/09/15 07:53 PM

Does anyone know if Avanza bus (Autores) leaves now from T4 to Salamanca?
On the regular part of the page, it just says that it parks at T1 like it always has. http://www.avanzabus.com/web/viaja-en-autobus-salamanca-barajas.html
But on the schedule page it shows some leaving from T4. Anyone ever take this one?

I'm scheduled to arrive in July on US740. In the past I think we have always landed at T1. But on flightaware.com it now shows that flight landing at T4-S. Not sure if I should buy my tickets ahead of time as I am leary of delays and which terminal I'll really be in.
Posted by: Crisco

Re: Avanza bus in Barajas - 03/10/15 10:57 AM

US Airways/American now code share w/Iberia so now they land in T4.I plugged in a date and it looks like the bus starts at T1 and then continues on to T4.
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Avanza bus in Barajas - 03/10/15 03:34 PM

I take that route on airports in Madrid, T4S satellite is connected by a people mover type train to T4 where the metro, bus, taxi are. So it could be but never take buses out from there.

its an easy trip Inside thus. Cheers