segovia or toledo?

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segovia or toledo? - 09/29/00 12:59 PM

We will be in Madrid from the 15 to 20 October and are thinking of having a night or two out of the city. Which would you recommend, segovia or toledo? And what accomodation (if you'd bother staying overnight). We want somewhere very cheap and cheerful.
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/29/00 01:18 PM

Both are great!! Read up on them, on this board, and elsewhere... I'd probably say to make it a day trip so you don't have to haul all your stuff around. A full day for either city is good (though never enough, right?) Both are easily reached by bus. There is more to 'do' in Toledo, more to 'eat' in Segovia, as you will see from the posts!
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/29/00 01:57 PM

It’s a close call between these two but I would opt for Segovia because of the aqueduct and the fairy tale castle, just like something out of Disney as you approach it.
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/29/00 02:11 PM

If you can only do one, do Segovia. And be sure and stop by the Valle de los Caidos.
Remarkable trip!!!

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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/29/00 02:25 PM

I would say Toledo cause it has aloooooot to see and offer, i mean alot. But it's a toss up!!!!!!!!

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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/30/00 07:51 AM

Thanks for the help everyone. Another question - where would we go to get a day trip to either segovia or toledo, or is it better to use public transport (train/bus)?
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/30/00 09:10 AM

I believe that Segovia can be reached via
underground station principe pio and then bus company LA SEPULVEDANA.

Posted by: Antonio

Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/30/00 10:12 AM

Steveaqui is right. Buses to Segovia depart from La Sepulvedana station at Príncipe Pío subway station.

[There are also trains from Chamartin but they take longer and they are more expensive].

As for trains there is no big difference. You can either take the train from Atocha or the bus from Estación Sur de Autobuses (at Méndez Alvaro subway station). Both are more or less the same fast as well as prices. However, there are more buses (one every 30 minutes) than trains and some of the buses are direct (they don't stop at every village).



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Re: segovia or toledo? - 09/30/00 07:58 PM

I can only speak about Toledo but it is a pretty good day out and apart from a bit of a walk from the station it is not a problem to get to. Beware of the roadworks going on in the middle of Toledo at the moment.They don't exactly add to the feel of the place but at least they restrict the traffic, I suppose.
I can't say what the bus is like from Madrid but I would recommend the train from Atocha Station. It is air conditioned, there is smoking and non-smoking,it is cheap(about 750 pesetas return )and it only takes an hour.
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 10/01/00 04:59 AM

it really depends upon what you're looking for. whether it be the past glories of the kingdom of castilla(segovia) or the three cultures(toledo), they possess a differing ambiance. personally i lean towards toledo. the city simply fascinates me with its intertwined moorish, sephardic and christian past. there's much to see there. (i.e. alcazar, catherdral, synagogues, mosques, mudejar architecture, medinalike streets, el greco's legacy)the city just has a beautifully brooding aura that really attracts me. this surfaces evermore when walking the maze of streets at night.
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Re: segovia or toledo? - 10/02/00 12:17 AM

I just recently opted for a day trip to Segovia, rather than Toledo, and certainly don't regret it. Segovia is an amazing city and my only wish is that I had spent more time there!

I found a great hostel to stay at that I would suggest. The Don Jaime which is located just 3 blocks from the aqueduct and Plaza del Azoguejo. It was reasonable, conveniently located, and very pleasant. It is located at Ochoa Ondategui, 8. Their telephone number is 921 44 47 87. I paid about 5500 pesetas for a modest, but nice room.

Have a great trip!