Castilla/Cuzco neighborhood (Madrid)

Posted by: Sam

Castilla/Cuzco neighborhood (Madrid) - 09/23/00 01:36 PM

Hi...I will be attending in November an international conference in Madrid.
The conference location is the Melia Castilla hotel in the
Castilla/Cuzco neighborhood. Just in case we cannot
get into this hotel or wish to stay at a place not as expensive, can anyone recommend either a hotel or hostale in the
Also, if anyone has any familiarity with this neighborhood, I'd
appreciate any suggestions of shops, restaurants, etc., etc.
Thanks and lookign forward to my trip!
Posted by: rgf

Re: Castilla/Cuzco neighborhood (Madrid) - 09/23/00 03:14 PM

You should stay at the Melia, which is a fine hotel, if the rates are right. There's a few other good, classy hotels up there, but not a lot. We were in an apartment-hotel bldg near there, and the neighborhood didn't please me at all. The Melia, though, is right on the Castellana, which is fine. You can then take a bus or metro right down the Castellana to get into the more central downtown area. Also right near there is the Eurobuilding, which is a fine hotel too.