Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!!

Posted by: Fifi

Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!! - 09/15/00 12:52 PM

I'm not sure what sort of feedback you have had from other people regarding Hostal Massachusetts, but my boyfriend and I stayed there on the 31st of August 2000 and were disgusted. The place is a dump. It is in a very good location in the centre and that's what attracted us to it. But having been, I would strongly recommend that people steer well clear of the place.
I certainly won't be staying in a hostal again, as we later found plenty of GOOD QUALITY hotels for a slightly higher price.

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Posted by: El Boqueron

Re: Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!! - 09/15/00 01:17 PM

Fifi - that sounds pretty bad, but I wouldn't generalise from that one experience to all hostales everywhere! ("we won't be staying in an hostal again"). I just got back from a trip to Spain where we stayed in hostales (inc. in Madrid), and they were great. I think you just picked a bad place (were you expecting to find peace and quiet on the Gran Via?). This board is a good place to get recommendations, and it's not generally difficult to find out what facilities a place has (TV/telephone/en suite etc).
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Re: Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!! - 09/15/00 02:41 PM

Sorry to hear about your expiences, Fifi! I did a search in this forum and came up with at least one other posting (a negative one) about Hostal Massachusetts . Really, I've only heard negative things about this place, but I have it on my list of Madrid hostels (called "hostales" in Spanish) to give people a choice and to give all hostels the benefit of the doubt. However, I'll have to give your suggestion to remove it some thought as it's only adding to the case file on this hostel.

Also, as El Boqueron said, there are few if any hotels/hostels/lodgings on the Gran Vía which are quiet. In fact, this is the noisiest part of all Madrid. Also, most hostels are in older buildings and because of structural requirements of the time the rooms are usually smallish and it's relatively unusual that hostels have TV or even telephones. It IS unusual, however, that they're dirty. Spanish hostels are world-famous for having spotlessly clean rooms.

The difference between your hostel in Madrid and 3-star hotel in Sevilla is enormous... They're two completely different kinds of lodging and they don't claim to be at all similar. Most people on a tight budget are happy with a clean room where they can put their head at night in safety and peace. It doesn't sound like you found this at all at Hostal Massachusetts, with the exception of the low price, and this is a true shame.

Your opinions can only help future travellers and I'm very happy you shared with us. Hopefully they'll search in this forum before deciding on a place to stay in Madrid or anywhere in Spain for that matter.

In any case, I'm sure you had a wonderful time in Spain!

Saludos, MadridMan

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Posted by: Shawn

Re: Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!! - 09/15/00 08:53 PM


I have reservations at the now infamous Hostal Massachusetts. I will be in Madrid from September 23 until October 2. I would like any suggestions regarding open rooms at other hostals during these dates, I have not cancelled my reservations at the aforementioned dump, but I am eager to do so. To cancel should I just call or should I e-mail as well? If I am unable to find alternative lodging then I will have to tough it out at said dump.

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Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Hostal Massachussetts (Madrid)- FORGET IT!!!! - 09/15/00 09:27 PM

Hi Shawn! While I don't know which hostels have available rooms and which don't, but I would just go down the list. Start with Hostal Lopez, Dulcinea, Chelo, La Perla Asturiana, Oporto, D'Ort, Mirentxu, Aresol, etcetera.

I'm testing all of the above during my October 2-18 trip and they all replied to my email reservation request very quickly.

Try to get another room at one of the others ASAP, but then be sure to cancel your reservations with Hostal Massachusetts shortly thereafter. I'm sure you could simply email them with your cancellation. I'm not familiar with their cancellation policy, but I hope they don't charge your credit card something if they asked for your number to make the reservation as a few of those at which I'll be staying did (asked for the credit card # for reserving, that is). If you have to tough it out at said dump we'd all appreciate coming back to this thread and telling us out you found it. Maybe it's not as bad as everyone says it is.. Many people set their expectations SO high that hostels have trouble living up to them for being simple lodging.

Saludos, MadridMan

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