Posted by: Sarah

Candelario - 09/14/00 06:53 AM

Can anyone tell me about Candelario? (a village in the hills south of Salamanca) I have a notion to go there. Any experiences of it or ideas on hostales?

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Posted by: rgf

Re: Candelario - 09/14/00 08:11 AM

Candelario is a charming, TINY pueblo. Tiny. Definitely worth taking a bus ride too.... and then probably heading back to Salamanca or wherever your next destination is. I doubt that there is a hostal, but a student who asks at the main bar for an habitacion is usually, in any small Spanish town, told to go to senora so and so's... but don't count on it always happening.
Posted by: Sarah

Re: Candelario - 09/14/00 10:40 AM

Thank you rgf. I have actually found a surprising number of hostales and hoteles on the web that give Candelario as their address, though of course I can believe that they're not actually in it. (And yes, I'm pretty sure they're Candelario Spain, not Mexico!) But your answer is helpful. We'll have a car so getting back to Bejar or wherever won't be a problem. I certainly would be happy with senora's back bedroom but I don't think we could pass for students!!