Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid)

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Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/07/00 05:52 PM

If anybody is thinking about or are going to Madrid soon I just got back today after a 4 night trip with my wife and we had a great time.
This was my 2nd stay at the Lopez and while rooms are small and there can be a bit of climb for some people (especially my wife who is pregnant..) it is an excellent place for the money. The people running it speak absolutely no English (bar one young woman who was fluent but not often around) but they are very friendly and I heartily recommend it.
The temperature out there at the moment is great, in the high 80's and even low 90's.
I even managed to get out enough Spanish to get by (in the bar, in the cafe/restaurant, in the shop and at the station....)
Thanks for the help I've got here Madrid Man..
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/07/00 08:25 PM

Hi dc! Thanks to sharing your feedback with us!! I can't say I'm surprised to hear what you're saying because nearly everyone feels the same way.

The parents/owners/operators of Hostal Lopez are SO nice, so sweet, and so friendly. They're even very helpful if you can speak to them in Spanish. The girl and their daughter, Nuria, is the only one who speaks english and you're right, I doubt she's there often because she's a university student and, like Antonio, is in the middle of exams at Universidad Complutense de Madrid . So, when she's not IN classes she's likely studying for them. Also, it's Nuria who answers all the email reservations. What a job in itself that must be. And I thought *I* got a lot of email!! Whew! That alone is a full-time job for her.

Did you have a small balcony/street-view, dc? Most people complain most about the street noise with regards to streetside rooms in hostels/hostales. And did you need the air conditioning while you were in room? Seems it was warm, but am sure the nights were cool enough that you didn't need the A/C, correct?

Coincidentally, I'm making more copies of MadridMan's Videos now and Florencio, son of the famed Hostal Lopez family, is standing next to my ladyfriend in the Plaza Oriente on my TV screen right now!

I'm glad to hear your Spanish got you through it all in Spain and that you seemed to have a good time. Hopefully your pregnant wife isn't TOO far along that the Hostal Lopez stairs were too daunting. Thanks for coming back here and sharing your experiences with the group and future visitors!

Saludos, MadridMan

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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/09/00 11:24 AM

We had a room on the third floor that looked over the inner courtyard a long way below so while there was no street view, neither was there any noise. There was a bit of crashing and banging about on the stairs but nothing too loud.
I used the air con now and again as you're right that it wasn't as hot as in July but a couple of times I woke up boiling hot when the window was shut and had to cool down a bit.
I hope to go back someday but with a baby on the way it could be sometime. At least I can work on my Spanish. I must say that English is hardly spoken in Madrid (unless I was unlucky)but it is only arrogance to suppose that the whole world speaks English....
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/11/00 10:55 AM

This is Florencio, from Hostal Lopez, I want to thank DC for his kind comments. We are glad you enjoyed your stay in Madrid and we look forward to have you with us for a third time soon!

I am afraid we did not know about your wife happy condition, there are three floors in the hostel, and we would have tried to find something in a lower floor.

Also I would like to comment about the size of the rooms. The hostel is located in the very heart of the historic center, the hostel building itself is 150 years old.
Altough all the rooms in the floor where you stayed were fully renovated just 2 years ago, in many cases you are not allowed to touch the structure of the building (move walls, etc).

You stayed in a standard sized room, there are bigger rooms in the hostel, but also smaller...The rooms in the hostal are as big as we would get them to be, but please keep in mind that most of the buildings, and also hostels, in the historic center share the same problem, rooms can not be as big as in a new building in the outskirts of the city.

I can tell you also that I have been in Hotels in Spain, not Hostales, with rooms that were not bigger than the ones in the hostal, and definetely far more expensive!

Personally, when I travel to other cities, I try to find a place always in the historic center of the city, I think that being able to be in the heart of the city and being a short walk away from all the main attractions compensates problems like the noise or the maybe not so big rooms.

Excuses, excuses, you will say

We are glad you enjoyed your stay!

Best regards

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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 11:48 AM

Now I'm worried.

I have booked the Hostel Lopez for 3 nights in Sept/Oct. But I'm a little concerned after reading about the language barrier.

I know that Florencio and Nuria are there sometimes, but my husband is convinced we aren't going to be able to communicate with our hosts if THEY can't speak English! LOL He's freaking.

Also, I have a bum knee. Now I'm worried about adding a serious stair hike to our already rigorous sightseeing schedule. Our luggage is ridiculous because we have to bring a lot of specialized clothes because we're taking a cruise on October 3 from Barcelona. I can't imagine trying to lug 4 HUGE suitcases up and down some gnarly stairs! (I know, I know...I need some cheese to go with my whine!)

I've been considering changing our reservation to maybe stay at the Martin.

What do you think?
Posted by: rgf

Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 12:09 PM

I think... you need to decide whether you want an hostal or a hotel. In a hotel... you have an elevator and a porter for the bags. In un hostal, normally, not. In a hotel, normally someone pretends to speak Eng or actually does. In un hostal, not. In a hotel, you pay a minimum of 12 thousand p's a night. In un hostel, not. So... decide on your comfort and economic level, and go from there. Even though you are going on a cruise, rethink that suitcase load!! after all, you have to layer clothing and be imaginative in re-cycling those outfits!
Posted by: Nuria

Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 12:24 PM

Uphilldeb, I really would love to be in Spain and working in that wonderful hotel with Florencio, but I am afraid that I am a Spaniard in the States. Anyway you don't worry, go to the hostal and enjoy. My American family don't speak Spanish but they were fine in Madrid, and I bet that Florencio will do anything that he can to find you a nice room where you don't have to go upstairs
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 12:35 PM

Nuria, apparently Florencio has a sister named Nuria who speaks some English. Popular name! y muy bonito!
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 04:42 PM

While Florencio's English is nearly 100% perfect, he won't be there - he's working in Amsterdam. Sorry! Nuria will have to be the one if you need specifics. Or, if you know what your questions might be ahead of time try to get them translated and written on a piece of paper to show them and hope you understand their answer. Or just say, "MadridMan! MadridMan!" and they'll probably simply smile and give you the Presidential Suite at no extra charge. NOT! Hehehehe.. Just kidding. Seriously, I've heard from travellers that even if you don't speak any Spanish that you'll probably be fine with a few simple words (take a phrase book anyway) that you'll get along just fine.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 04:57 PM

I didn't relise that the owners of the hostal read this message board..
I mentioned the size of the room only as a guide to others who may have been expecting a little more room to spread out. Personally, I found the space more than adequate and have no problems with the building being old. Also, my wife didn't really have any problems with the stairs except when we'd done a fair bit of walking one day.
I heartily recommend this hostal..
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 05:09 PM

dc, only Florencio (the son of the Hostal Lopez family reads this message board. I have my reservations already for one of the weekend nights and I too will return to this thread and tell you my feedback just as dc has. Thanks for sharing, dc!

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/14/00 11:29 PM

Thanks gang!

I appreciate your replies. Looks like I'll be staying at the Lopez anyway...the Martin is filled up!

Nuria? Wow! There's two of you! I've been corrosponding with the Hostal Lopez with Nuria. I think she speaks great English.

Rgf, hola! I can understand you thinking I'm crazy to have such suit cases. Normally I'd agree. It's just that I'd feel really awkward without the "required" evening gowns on this particular ship.

Generally, I'm a pro at the art of "lightweight". I managed a 26 day remote backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Calif) with only 1 pair of shorts, 3 shirts, 2 underwear, 4 pair of socks, a pair of hiking boots and water shoes, and a coolweather jacket. Believe me, if I could get away with that on this fancy cruise, I WOULD! LOL

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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/16/00 01:00 AM

I don't mind sharing my experiences but I do mind that I spelt realise wrong.I must be getting to rely on the spell checker too much..
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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/20/00 01:25 PM


I'm planning to stay at Hostal Lopez in February but I've heard that they do not have a safety box. Is that a problem?

Also, what's going on in February? Are we going to find the party atmosphere?
Posted by: Puna

Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/20/00 04:06 PM

uphilldeb - with that kind of packing /survival ability you should give lessons! I always thought I was doing well with one small suitcase plus a carry-on. Ever consider teaching a class in how to REALLY pack light? Have a wonderful trip-
MadridMan - I tried to put the winking smile here - no luck -what am I doing wrong ....

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Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/26/00 08:30 AM

j_rodz1, I don't think most hostels (called "hostales" in Spanish) in Spain have lock boxes although I remember seeing a Rick Steves program recently where the pension in which they stayed in Italy did have a lock box in-room. I wouldn't think this would be a problem, but hopefully you aren't bringing along The Hope Diamond either.

(<--Puna, notice winking smiley. it's a colon ";" and then the right parenthesis. )

Saludos, MadridMan

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Posted by: fnavarro

Re: Just back from hostal Lopez (Madrid) - 09/28/00 07:38 AM

I do not know of any Hostal with a safe box in Madrid.

I can tell you that there is a Police Station 1 block away from Hostel Lopez, and that in more than 20 years nothing has gone missing in any room.

Best regards