Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations?

Posted by: Bricamb

Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 10/31/04 06:33 AM

I am hoping to visit Granada and Cordoba during late March early April next year. I'd appreciate any hotel/hostal recommendations. Also, I'd like to spend a day or two on the coast so if you know of any little towns/resorts which are easy to get to from Granada or Cordoba, please let me know. Thanks a lot.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 10/31/04 01:41 PM

Hi Bricamb! I'm sure you've conducted a SEARCH of this category for hotels and "hostales" in your intended cities, correct? Anyone have any fresh suggestions for lodging?

Also, be sure to search the "Favorite Places" category for other, nearby towns to visit while in the area.

Good luck! Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: liz49

Re: Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 11/07/04 07:50 AM

In Granada, the Hotel Macia on the Plaza Nueva at the base of the hill leading up to the Alhambra is quite nice. Friendly staff, good breakfast, clean rooms, and not terribly expensive for a hotel. Great location!
Posted by: FredMaine

Re: Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 11/10/04 12:53 AM

In Cordoba I highly recommend Hostal Maestre , a short walk from the Great Mosque. In 2002 it was $28 for a double with full bath. Immaculate rooms, very comfortable beds, plenty of very HOT water, friendly staff.

They have a sit-down breakfast that cost $4. Not a typical tiny continental breakfast, rather a real meal with juice, coffee and enough food to really satisfy.

Hostal Maestre is a simple charming place with tiled floors, flowered hallways and beautuful Mudejar arches. If I can figure out how to do this I'll try to attach a photo.

Posted by: Puna

Re: Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 11/10/04 08:20 AM

I've stayed @ Hostal/Hotel Maestra a nnumber of times over the years - and Yes, they do have both a hostal and a hotel - there is a garage under the hotel portion (much needed as the streets are approximately 3 feet wide eek in the old section of Cordoba). The hostal and hotel are immediately next door to eachother - and as FredMaine stated - charming, immaculate and very inexpensive!

As an aside, I'm really pleased to hear they are still being so good w/ the rates - with the Euro now established and the Spanish economy doing better, they could have upped it a fair bit!
Posted by: FredMaine

Re: Cordoba/Granada Hotel/Hostal Recommendations? - 11/14/04 11:33 AM

I emailed Hostal Maestre to ask about their current rates. They have gone up. Between March 1 and October 31 it is 36 Euros (46 US dollars) for a double room. Other times of year it is 30 Euros. IVA tax is included.