[BCN]: Hotel Goya, or Goya Principal

Posted by: Big-O

[BCN]: Hotel Goya, or Goya Principal - 04/12/04 04:43 PM

Greetings -

First time caller, long time listner. wink

Am looking to visit Barcelona in May, and have decided on the Hostal Goya . The debate is whether to stay in Goya (cheaper) or Goya Principal (more expensive). Price difference for two doubles (both without bathroom - fully booked frown ) is 22EUR / night.

Does anyone have any experience at either the renovated / non-renovated sections of this Hostal. Is Goya Principal worth the additional expense?

Thanks in advance!
Posted by: roothy123

Re: [BCN]: Hotel Goya, or Goya Principal - 04/13/04 05:27 PM

Haven't stayed there, but I'm also staying there in May, so I'm curious to see if anyone will respond. The pictures on their web site are from the renovated section; I would hope that the renovated section would also be soundproofed, which seems to be a big plus in some European places. I went with a renovated room, but I'm a 53 year old, so I tend to want things a little better than the younger crowd.