Toledo: Hostal Centro on Plaza de Zocodover

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Toledo: Hostal Centro on Plaza de Zocodover - 11/20/14 02:12 PM

Last Monday I had the opportunity, and pleasure, to spend a night in the city of Toledo. After some research online, chose Hostal Centro, a basic and affordable hostal just off Toledo's main plaza, the Plaza de Zocodover, on Calle Nueva, 13.

(photos below)

Hostal in General:
The hostal is much like many other hostales in Spain although this one has its own front door at street level and reception desk just inside, which is nice. The rooms are on the first, second, and third floors, nothing on the ground floor, and there are stairs and a ramp leading up to the elevator at the first floor level (which is the level above the ground floor in Spain). I had room 204 on the second floor and towards the end of the hall. There's a coffee-maker vending machine near the vending which made decent coffee, but I didn't try it personally.

My Room, #204:
My room, on the 3rd floor (or 2nd floor by Spanish standards) was clearly a double and most likely the largest hostal room I've ever seen. My travel companion's room was smaller, yet still spacious, and had the largest hostal bathroom I'd ever seen. Cathedral ceilings, smallish flat-panel TVs, and had central heating and (presumably) air conditioning. Guests can not regulate their room's temperature. My room was too hot for my liking, but as is common in Spain, the heat was turned off after midnight and the room cooled down nicely.
I had two small balconies, their depth about the length of my foot, facing Calle Nueva with two sliding glass, double-paned glass doors outside, then heavy wooden folding doors just inside, and then floor-to-celing curtains in the room.
The room's doors lock with a standard key from the inside/outside and room keys are returned and collected at the reception desk upon leaving/returning.

I was there off-season, mid-November and no holiday in sight, checked in on a Monday and checked out on a Tuesday morning. 30 Euros for a single room, but we were given double rooms (2 single beds) at the room price, something hostales do to fill empty rooms with single travelers, making them happier, when double rooms are otherwise empty. We booked our rooms just 4 days in advance via email.

Great location with some windows facing the Plaza de Zocodover although the entrance and more windows are around the corner on a pedestrian street of Calle Nueva.
Just across the plaza from the bus stop which comes from the Toledo train station and bus station.

The hostal itself, halls, and 2 rooms I saw were clean and neat. The bedspreads would use a change, however. The sheets and duvets were spotless, new, and beds were warm.

The two rooms I saw, mine and that of my travel companion, were sizeable to BIG, lots of folded towels, and a half-bathtub with a hanging shower-head wand. The shower curtain did tend to move around a bit if your arm would rub against it, but I was able to keep water off the floor the one time I showered. A plastic-protected glass (made of glass), a small bar of soap, and a couple packets of shower gel were on the bathroom sink counter. The water pressure and taste was good and the water temperature was easily controlled from cold to scalding-hot. There was a large, new, individual hot water heater behind the bathroom door in my room.

Being off-season and rather cool during the day and cold at night, my windows were closed while I was sleeping. There is a church up the pedestrian street of Calle Nueva so you do hear the church bells on the quarter hour, which is pleasant (with the balcony doors closed). Being a pedestrian street, there are no cars driving up and back at all. But being a narrow pedestrian street, whenever there were 3 or more people talking it amplified up the walls and was clear in the room. Again, this was off-season and not a weekend so surely the street noise was at an all-year-long low. Other rooms face the plaza itself and have read the nice-weather noise is quite high what with the terrazas, buses, and children playing about. At 3:20am I was awaked by the trash collectors, but the noise only lasted 30-seconds. At the early hours, I heard chatty-children and parents walking up Calle Nueva to class. I also heard delivery men and their empty, metal dollies returning from deliveries. For much of the night I could hear, with my balcony doors closed, who seemed to be the nighttime desk attendant and his visiting friend just outside the hostal's entrance, chatting and smoking. Being off-season, there were few people staying at the hostal. I only hear people entering and closing their doors and turning their locks 3 times and never heard anyone talking in other rooms and never heard anyone's flat-screen TVs.

I would definitely stay at Hostal Centro in Toledo in the future. The location is perfect, being in the commercial center and next to the bus stop from the train station, and the off-season rates are great. Seems high-season rates are understandably much higher.

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Re: Toledo: Hostal Centro on Plaza de Zocodover - 11/21/14 02:16 PM

good description. and Nice location indeed. I hve been by there as have cousins just outside Toledo in a small horse country village.
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Re: Toledo: Hostal Centro on Plaza de Zocodover - 11/26/14 09:13 AM

I have walked by the hostal on several trips...nice to know more about it. I stay at the Posada de Manolo, near the cathedral and it is also nice. Was breakfast offered at Hostal Centro? There are several cafes on the Plaza and I think that some are open for the breakfast hour.