Meaņo: Quinta de San Amaro

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Meaņo: Quinta de San Amaro - 09/06/14 11:20 AM

In the village of Meaņo, you'll find a nice little country place to spend a night or more. Quinta de San Amaro is perched on a hillside among the vineyard that grow up right to the edge of the town. There are various types of rooms depending on how you want to stay. We took a regular room, which had a nice view over the vineyards, a well-appointed bathroom, and comfortable bed. The grounds feature all types of things to relax: hammocks, quiet spaces with tables and chairs, a beautiful swimming pool with a view. Breakfast is the typical Spanish buffet of meats, cheeses, breads, fruit, and so forth. We also enjoyed supper here, although I would recommend an inside table. The location is great for a drive along the western coast and/or visiting albariņo areas.
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Re: Meaņo: Quinta de San Amaro - 09/07/14 09:45 AM

Sounds ideal... its in the general area that I am heading to tomorrow - Boiro, A Coruņa.
Here is a link to the website of Quinta de San Amaro
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Re: Meaņo: Quinta de San Amaro - 09/08/14 06:15 AM

lovely village indeed, nice going albarinos and don't forget the ribeiros cold with a dish of seafood are sublime.
enjoy the trip
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Re: Meaņo: Quinta de San Amaro - 09/08/14 12:24 PM

Oh my. We enjoyed lots of albariņo during this visit. Sometimes two bottles a day. One of my favorite types of wine.