Barcelona: Hotel Claris

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Barcelona: Hotel Claris - 06/13/14 12:40 AM

At the start of my current trip to Spain, Mrs. 44 and I spent three nights in Barcelona at the Hotel Claris. To my surprise, upon arrival we were upgraded (at no extra cost) to one of the "duplex" rooms. These rooms feature a sleeping area on the entry level and a staircase leading to a lounge on the upper level. The lounge has a couch, chair, mini-bar, TV, and more. It's a great space to relax, have a few beverages, and do some computer work, while perhaps the other half of your party is sleeping on the main level. The bathroom was splendid with all the modern conveniences and toiletries provided. Furthermore, there's a well-organized closet space complete with hangars, drawers, and a safe to keep your things organized. This is especially helpful if you're staying for more than a night or two. Hotel staff are wonderful with the skills of many languages. I sent out some laundry. It came back early and was presented in a lovely basket, which I thought was a nice touch. They also provided a map of Barcelona and explained different attractions, how to get there, and so forth. They also answered plenty of my questions about all kinds of things from restaurants to transportation.

As for location, I thought it was perfect, but I like to "walk" in cities. It is located in the L'Eixample district on Pau Claris. For us, walking to the old city, Sagrada Familia, and more was easy, but for others may be a hike. Of course there were always taxis waiting so you would have that option as well. The neighborhood has plenty of dining options and we tried several that I'll mention in separate posts.

And don't forget the rooftop pool and bar. The pool was an excellent way to cool off and relax after long walks through Barcelona. However, there are only six or so loungers, so be prepared to just put a few things with the provided towels in a spot out of the way. The pool was never crowded. Maybe 6 people at the most. Beverage service up there did a great job.

I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Claris and only wish I could have spent more time.


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Re: Barcelona: Hotel Claris - 06/13/14 10:44 AM

Nice one! Glad to hear that all is going well. What a boost to be upgraded!
The hotel sounds good from what you say. Hope the rest of your journey goes as well as this.
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Thanks. Trip is going well. That rooftop pool at Hotel Claris was excellent!

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but of course Exaimple is usually where I stayed and park my car by shopping bulevar rosa. Great area. not stayed in the hotel but looks nice too.
keep the memoirs alive.