Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace?

Posted by: Di Kitchy

Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace? - 02/01/12 04:55 AM

Hi, new to the site so please be gentle with me! Travelling to Madrid mid May and would like a bit of help re apartments. We like the Arguelles area and have found a few apartments (Sercotel Suites Viena) but what we'd really love is a balcony or terrace where we can eat breakfast. We have stayed in Barcelona 5 times and feel we need a change...hope we're doing the right thing!! But last time we went we had a hotel room with balcony and just loved shopping for breakfast and eating it in the morning sun. We're looking at an apartment as we're staying 6 days on a budget so can't wait to shop in the local markets and eat breakfast and maybe some lunches prepared ourselves.
Any suggestions re an apartment to suit us please?

Di x
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace? - 02/01/12 01:12 PM

Welcome to our ALL SPAIN Message Board, Di Kitchy!!!! wave Sounds like a GREAT plan for Madrid. Who wouldn't love lounging and having breakfast on the terrace/balcony?!! I don't personally know of any which do, but I'd imagine they'd be top-of-the-line rentals so not sure they'd fall into your budget. If you DO find something like that, won't you let us know so we can spread the word?! Thanks and good luck! xfingers

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace? - 02/02/12 04:40 AM

budget and balcony, well do not know neither. But had stayed and friends visiting still do at Goya apartments;
hope it helps
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Re: Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace? - 02/03/12 03:39 AM

There's just one place I've stayed which had a terrace big enough to have breakfast on - but that was in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona and it was a glass-enclosed terrace. Beautiful place, but that won't help you in Madrid.

While it's true there are a lot of flats - and even rental apartments - in Madrid which have balconies, they're usually not big enough to put a chair on. Anything more would likely cost much more.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Di Kitchy

Re: Madrid Apartment with balcony-terrace? - 02/04/12 06:42 AM

Thank you so much for your replies. We have found somewhere that sounds promising....Sercotel Suites Viena on the Juan Alvarez Mendizabal lists a junior suite with a terrace for roughly 430 for the 5 nights which I think is quite a good deal. Any feedback on the area would be appreciated.

MadridMan, the last time we stayed in Barcelona we stayed at the Wilson Boutique Hotel and had a lovely big balcony with room for a table and chairs and then some. Lovely views too. Can highly reccommend it and only hope that our time in Madrid is as lovely as our visits to Barcelona.