Madrid: Location (vacation flat)

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Madrid: Location (vacation flat) - 08/04/11 01:21 PM

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone had an opinion on staying near the metro 'Arganzuela-Planetario' area. We know it's way out of the centre but not bothered about night life etc. If we buy a couple of the 'metrobus' 10 trip tickets ( that's if we can figure the machines out - lol) the bus & metro can take us about (Museums district,+ Palace + atocha, pricipe pio, monclau) for day trips etc . We're on a budget so the money saved on rental will help a lot & we will be self catering most days.
Any advice much appreciated on our 1st trip to Spain
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Re: Madrid: Location (vacation flat) - 08/04/11 03:05 PM

The bus/subway metro tickets are a good use, no matter where you might be in Madrid. In fact, I usually have one or two rides left on them when I leave and save them for the next visit. Some of the larger stops have personnel there to dispense them for you. Otherwise, you will easily find someone to assist.

Not sure about the area you are mentioning, so can not comment on it. But Madrid I know you will certainly enjoy! At the Palace be sure to see the armory..most people I believe go right by it, but it is fantastic. You can walk to most of the places in the city that you will want to see, so wear comfortable shoes.
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Re: Madrid: Location (vacation flat) - 08/06/11 01:39 PM

metro and bus will take you anyway and attendant will help. the area is a bit afar from center maybe some extra walk to stations but ok.
have fun in Madrid