Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap!

Posted by: pajo2

Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/05/11 01:42 PM

I cant find a 1 bed studio or flat to rent for long term( max 400euro per month). Ive been searching idealista, loquo, etc and do not see 1 bed flats or studios available to rent

all adverts offer rooms in a house to share with others

is it uncommon in Madrid to live on your own in a studio or flat

ive looked under the short term rentals section on this site but its way too expensive

can anyone suggest a place to look for 1 bed studio/flats

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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/06/11 05:29 AM

Hello, pajo2! Welcome to our ALL SPAIN Message Board! wave

It's very common for individuals to live alone in their flats, yes - for those whom can afford it, that is. In addition to (my favorite) and , also look in . A quick glance at the flats for rent (by owner) in showed only one flat for rent at 450€ - but most all were 550€ and higher. And, as you saw, even ROOMS in shared flats are going for 500€ and up.

I think most will agree that finding a long term rental, even for a 1 bedroom studio, for no more than 400 Euros will be difficult at best within the city of Madrid. You'd have more luck further out in the nearby villages like Alcobendas or Pinto or Alcalá de Henares - which would require a long(er) commute into the city, of course.

I think message board member "S.R." might have some comments on this topic as he is a former renter in Madrid and also has firsthand experience with flat-searches.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/06/11 03:05 PM

I know of an unfurnished studio that will be available August 1st or October 1st. But it will be at least 675 euros. it is in Moncloa

Posted by: steve robinson

Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/08/11 05:34 AM

Well as MM knows my appartment in Barrio Salamanca was expensive . It´s a top floor (6th) apartment , very light , incredible views and 2 bedrooms . Not very big . It also had it's own underground parking space ( though I don't drive ) .. That cost €1,300 per month ! I lived there for about 3 years alone and then found a Spanish flatmate for a year or so and then a Peruvian flatmate for some time before I eventually left Madrid . The last year or so I had the rent reduced to €1,000 .
I would say ( sorry ) that there is no chance you'll get a city apartment , even a studio , for €400 ... Most people do choose to share an apartment . I was always used to having my own space so getting a room mate was a big change for me , but it worked out fine .
I got my apartment through .
Bear in mind that many Spanish landlords will give you just a 1 month contract and after that you will have just a contract of trust ( verbal ) and will pay in cash . This is so they can avoid the taxes . However if you are working legally in Spain you'll have to have a contract to claim back tax relief from the State .
Also , as has been mentioned in another thread . Having a contract is often necessary to gain your residency papers unless you have someone on the "inside" to help .
Getting back to the main point .. most of my Spanish and Latino friends were paying between €300-€500 for a room in a shared apartment .
And as MM has mentioned there are possibilities further out . A Spanish friend of mine rented a very nice , small , 2 floor , 1 bedroomed apartment in San Lorenzo el Escorial .. beautiful , historic town in the mountains . That cost him €450 a month .. Then , as MM pointed out you'd have to consider the commute into Madrid and the daily cost involved .
Anyway . Good luck wherever you end up .
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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/08/11 07:14 AM

Be careful with tax evaders landlords" pirates",I recommed you do everything legally.The government is pursuing all these frauds, always legal contrac never contrac of trust...but....your self!!!
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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/09/11 05:30 AM

Thanks Lads, dissapointed to hear it will be difficult to get studio for 400 euro. Thanks for the advice regarding contracts.

Im moving from Ireland where you can get a studio for about 125euro per week. I thought Spain would be cheaper.

Ive seen rooms to rent in a house/appartment for between 200-300euro on Idealista so that looks like the only option for me. Do you have to to pay a deposit on top of the months rent as you do in Ireland

Im going to Madrid hopefully to find work and need somewhere cheap so my money can stretch out longer until I find something. I can probably last a month on what money Ive saved. If I dont find anything within that time Ill have to return home.

Slightly off topic - Does anyone know if you need to have proof of Accommadation(contract) when your applying for the NIE number.

Would a Hostel address be accepted when applying if I cant find a flat.

Thanks again for the help

Posted by: pajo2

Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/11/11 10:10 AM

sorry to bump. can anyone help with the above
Posted by: steve robinson

Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/12/11 07:19 AM

As far as I know you cannot use a hotel or hostal as proof of address . You would have to be renting accomodation and be able to provide proof of that . I have heard that you can say that you're staying at a friend's house/apartment but that you're "friend" would have to be prepared to accept responsibility for you living in Spain .. I guess they would have to sign some document to that effect before you go to the Police station .
As an aside . There are horror stories of huge queues when going to the police station and that may be the case in the absolute centre of the city where many South American and East European immigrants will queue from practically dawn to get a place in the queue . I was dreading that prospect but I went to my more "local" police station in Calle Príncipe de Asturias and got the whole thing done in 15 minutes ! I'm pretty sure you can go to any police station .
Also bear in mind that whilst I did have an apartment I did not have a contract ... And the police did not ask for one . To be safe I took a few bills with me that showed my name and address at the top but they didn't ask for any real proof .
As you'll find out in Spain , the bureaucracy is stressful and you're never sure about exactly what is required when you go to these places . It may be worth going to the police station first and asking for the forms ( as I did ) and asking what documents they require from you ( including photographs ) . That way you can , at least , say that you had been told what was required of you . Many of the big police stations in the centre will have English speaking officers . Infact to become a policeman in Madrid does now require you to learn some English .
Whilst on the subject of bureaucracy I would make sure you have your European medical card . If you don´t have one then apply for it online but in Ireland ... Do NOT try and get it in Spain .. I , like you , am a European citizen .. but they flat refused to give me a card ( with no decent explanation ) .
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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/13/11 05:21 AM

Thanks again for the reply Steve,

I was hoping to get the Flat and NIE sorted out within a week but it looks like its goin to take a while to get set up there.

My main concern is running out of money before finding work.

If I do get a room in a house how long would it take to get my name on the bills so that I would have proof of address.

After applying for the NIE do they post the number out to you or do you return to the police station to collect it.

If I could return and collect it could I not just bluff with the address on the form( assuming they didnt look for proof )

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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/14/11 05:46 AM

MMMMM interesting question ... Your name almost certainly would not be on the utility bills as they would be in name of the owner . So maybe you would have to request the owner add your name to the contract .Alternatively , if you have a Spanish mobile phone then correspondance would be sent in your name .. that would probably work .
As I remember ( and I'm surprised nobody else is input on this ) when you go with your documents to the police station they will stamp various official documents which you then take to the ministry of work and social security who will issue an NIE number on the spot . MM - Is this right ? .. I know you've been through this too and my memory is terrible .
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Re: Madrid: Looking for 1BR Rental Long Term-Cheap! - 06/17/11 09:02 PM

I was talking to friend recently who told me her friend paid 400 Euros per month for a shared bedroom - in the OUTSKIRTS of Madrid. Unemployment is hight in Spain. Don't expect to find anything within a month if many illegals can't even find work for several months at a time. I'm sorry to say you'll have a tough go at it. You might have better luck getting your teaching certificate IN Ireland and, with that, going to Spain. That doesn't guarantee work, but it'll improve your chances. That which you'll make as an English teacher may not pay your rent, however.

Saludos, MadridMan