Madrid: EASO residence

Posted by: Alexander

Madrid: EASO residence - 09/26/02 10:33 PM

Hi guys!

Has any of you ever been at EASO residence ? Could you please post your opinions? They charge 270 euros/month, it seems to be a good price. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Madrid: EASO residence - 09/27/02 12:36 PM

Alexander, if you stay at the EASO student residences, would you please come back here to this/your thread and tell us all about your experience there? PLEASE?! I'd love to get some feedback about this place as many people have asked me about it. Thanks and good luck!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Alexander

Re: Madrid: EASO residence - 09/27/02 04:28 PM

That's ok, Madridman!

If I get any useful information, I'll put it here right away.