12 days in Spain in early October

Posted by: bankcello

12 days in Spain in early October - 09/25/02 08:49 AM

We are going to Spain for twelve nights two weeks from now. My plan is to spend three nights in Madrid at the Hotel Santander, where I have stayed previously. smile

Then three nights in Seville, three nights in Cordoba and finally three nights back in Madrid.

I need hotel suggestions for the last nine nights.

For my second Madrid stay I would like a different part of town from where the Santander is (C. Echegaray).

In Cordoba and Seville I would like a central location. Old part of town preferable.

I don't like to spend a great deal of money on hotels, thought bare bones places no longer suit me. I would like to keep the price to under $80 per night, though I might go a little higher.

Suggestions are welcome.
Posted by: Jo-Anne

Re: 12 days in Spain in early October - 09/25/02 05:28 PM

Hi Jerry

Check out these two places. I've stayed in both and recommend them both. Neither are as basic as hostals (which I usually stay in and love), both are simple small hotel type places.

Albucasis is a total sanctuary in Cordoba, and the web page pictures do not do it justice.

Hosteria del Laurel - Sevilla

Hotel Albucasis - Cordoba

Good luck.

Posted by: Andrés

Re: 12 days in Spain in early October - 09/26/02 07:03 PM

You can find most hundreds of options at:
which is the official tourism spanish site
Try their advanced search option for accommodation there isn´t such a data base any other place.