MISSING MAN FRIEND USA (Trinidadian/American)

Posted by: night38

MISSING MAN FRIEND USA (Trinidadian/American) - 06/26/12 11:39 AM

Hi Madridman,

I posted a message a couple of days ago to you, wondering if you received my information regarding a missing friend who traveled to Madrid Spain on or about August 22, 2011, the Hotel Regina was where he made reservations and the last I've heard from him he was residing with a french man, they both were contracted with a spainish dealership company and to ship automobiles from spain to the united states to make a professional auto dealership become his reality dream. I'm not sure as to what happened to him. I last heard from him December, 2012 around 6:00 pm US time. He said that he lost his passport and had gone to the Madrid Embassy for a renewal which was granted to him for pickup. That was the last I heard of him. If there's anyway possible you can help me locate his whereabouts I would really appreciate it.
Posted by: night38

Re: MISSING MAN FRIEND USA (Trinidadian/American) - 07/02/12 08:28 AM

Please reply.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: MISSING MAN FRIEND USA (Trinidadian/American) - 07/03/12 10:27 AM

Hi, night38! I received your email. I'm not at all sure what we could do for you here. Sounds like you've already contacted the U.S. Embassy and Spanish police and that's good. I hope they can find your friend. Best of luck on your search.

Saludos, MadridMan