missing friend

Posted by: cathie smith

missing friend - 06/16/11 10:32 AM

Looking for an Ana Maria Oviedo who went to Atlantic College in Wales in 1970. Any help appreciated.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: missing friend - 06/17/11 08:56 PM

She's Spanish, right? Finding women in Spain can be difficult, Cathie. Usually the bills and phone lines are in the husband's name, if she's married. If you would have her second last name, that'd help too. Try a google search or, if you're really desperate, hire a detective. I know it sounds cheesy, but can usually yield results pretty quickly.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Yankaluz

Re: missing friend - 06/18/11 08:24 PM

I personally do not know anyone by that name but if you also post the age, nationality (Assuming Spanish here) and region where she was from (Oviedo happens to be a city as well as to a last name).

Good luck!