Madrid: Book & DVD Swap

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Madrid: Book & DVD Swap - 09/03/10 03:20 AM

If you live in Madrid and are like me, you've accumulated a number of English language books which you aren't likely to read again and DVDs you've watched once, maybe twice and that's it.

The Book & DVD Swap wouldn't have to be on a specific date but let's use this thread to arrange the swaps or give-aways. Plus, it could give us a reason/excuse to get together with our fellow message board members.

Not only do I have dozens of English-language books I've brought from the USA (fiction, mostly) and those I've bought at Madrid's J&Js English-language bookshop, but I've also accumulated a load of Original Version DVDs I've either bought here or gotten free with a newspaper purchase. Some are Hollywood productions, others Spanish, some international, but all are original version with Spanish subtitles & Spanish dubbing available and are PAL (European video coding for European DVD players).

Someday soon I'll list by title the books and DVDs I'd like to swap/give-away.

I'm finding that over the years my storage space is rapidly shrinking, in great part due to these space-taking things like books, DVDs, clothing and other "junk". Time to clean house!

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Madrid: Book & DVD Swap - 09/05/10 01:12 PM

You know what? Each summer I go to Madrid, I take 3 to 4 English language books to read. i have left many in Madrid as I don't have room to bring them back in my suitcase. Too much ventresca and other canned treats coming home with me.
So, by next summer this exchange will hopefully be up and running and I can contribute. Who knows, I may just leave books at home and read some of yours!